Any good/bad experiences with eBay!!.

  spuds 11:12 04 Jul 2006

There is a vast audience out there, who have daily dealings with eBay. Have you had any good or perhaps bad experiences that you think is worth sharing.

  rmcqua 11:52 04 Jul 2006

This has the potential for being, perhaps, the longest thread ever !

  rdave13 12:25 04 Jul 2006

Won an item and promptly paid via PayPal. Waited for five days and nothing arrived so I sent the seller a polite email asking if there was a problem. Prompt reply appologising saying it was the seller's first time at selling and thought everything was automatic! Received the item within two days after. Both of us could have been waiting weeks then if I hadn't sent an

  silverous 12:27 04 Jul 2006

I sold a celing light we had in our dining room, offered the buyer insurance etc. but he was happy for me to 'post' rather than courier/insure if "well packaged". I packaged it to what I felt was well packaged but still felt a little uneasy but he was adament so I sent it. He received it with 3 of the lamps broken, more or less rendering it useless (although you can buy the lamps from habitat they cost quite a bit and 3 would be almost what he paid for it).

I felt bad - he didn't leave me feedback either way and didn't kick up a fuss. I'm sure there's much worse tales out there on ebay but I thought I'd kick start with this not-quite-so-bad one :)

In terms of good experiences...lots. One guy came from south london to milton keynes on a coach with a big suitcase, spent the day shopping, then met me with a PC and monitor and put them in the suitcase to trundle off with! He and his wife were so nice I couldn't bear to watch them struggle across town to the coach park so I gave them a lift there.

  SG Atlantis® 16:29 04 Jul 2006

I sold an item and then there was postal strike, I could send the item for almost 3 weeks. The guy had paid me instantly so I felt awful, but emailed once a week to tell him of progress...

In the end he got it ok and I left him feedback and surprisingly he left me a really nice comment. I myself most likely would not have waited that long if the shoe was on the other foot.

I had 2 instances of auction wreckers which was a pain in the ass to solve, I had a thread on here about it.

That's it really... No real bad negatives, always had superb bargains when buying too.

  watchful 19:12 04 Jul 2006

was only last week when I bought a plant on 'Buy it Now' and posted a cheque the following morning. The plant arrived that day in the lunchtime post (that's when ours arrives now)no waiting for cheque to clear and they even posted feedback that evening. Fastest delivery I've ever had in four years.

  semag 19:21 04 Jul 2006

I bought a graphics card, the picture and description were very good, when it turned up the first thing to happen was that the fan fell off and it was nothing like the photo, the seller was a waste of time and the moral of the story is, study the feedback, i didn't and paid the price.

  NattyFido 20:10 04 Jul 2006

I recently sold my old P4 1.7GHz CPU on eBay. It went for £16.00, but that was ok as I didn't need it. The buyer, in Italy, never left feedback, so I emailed him. He replied that a pin had snapped off and that it had been repaired! I know there weren't any bent or broken pins as I lifted it from the MB and put it straight into some antistatic foam, antistatic bag, bubblewrap and finally a small box.
I then received another email asking for my bank account number and IBAN number, even though he had already paid by PayPal. I didn't think it was possible to repair a broken CPU pin, and I certainly didn't do it. He still hasn't left feedback, not even negative, so I checked his feedback. A few sellers reported problems with him, and I noticed that he has been buying a lot of CPUs, Maybe he mistook the damaged one with the one I sent, I don't know, but in future I will keep photographic evidence, maybe even a WMV of me packing the item!!

  NattyFido 20:13 04 Jul 2006

BTW, is it okay to 'name and shame' bad eBayers? Especially as most people don't check the buyers/sellers feedback before bidding.

  phil 20:32 04 Jul 2006

Just 30 minutes ago I have sent a seller a terse email asking for a refund and to end the sale.

My daughter bought a bottle of shampoo and a bottle of conditioner for £16.50 (I know..women!) when she asked what the p&p cost would be he said £5 for each item!!!

She said she would pay £5 and he was to combine the items into one package. He refused but she sent a cheque for £21.50 anyway.

After waiting three weeks for the items to arrive she received a dispute email from Ebay and the seller was saying that he had never been paid.

The cheque had been cashed two weeks earlier and she informed Ebay of this with a copy of her statement. Ebay told the seller to refund the money which he did so.

He then had the gall to ask if she still wanted the items and she said she did (I know..women! part 2)

This time I paid via my Paypal account and guess what? he's never received the money, or so he says. It's left my Paypal account and as far as I'm concerned it's been paid.

30 minutes ago I sent him an email demanding that the money is returned into my Paypal account, the deal is off and called him a blatant liar. I also said that if it isn't returned by this Friday then the case will be put to Ebay.

This could get interesting.

Apart from this I'd say most sellers are honest people, it's just the odd one or two that give it a bad name.

  SG Atlantis® 22:07 04 Jul 2006

you got out of it and then jumped right back in.

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