any good forums for mobile phone help??

  Superstylin 14:28 04 Dec 2005

hi, the pc advisor forum has gotten me out of more scrapes than i can remember with my pc and now i have a problem with my mobile phone and am wondering if there are any forums as good as this one that could help. anyone ever come across one?

btw my phone is siemens sl65 and the screen goes doolally when i slide it open

bl**dy thing

  SANTOS7 14:43 04 Dec 2005

click here
FAQ and Troubleshoot links here they may help,good luck...

  SG Atlantis® 16:21 04 Dec 2005

there's not much you can do witha phone in the sense of repairs. Sounds like a software problem. Get the firmware upgraded.

Where did you buy it?

Is it in warranty?

Do you have a carphone warehouse near you?

  Superstylin 16:31 04 Dec 2005

thanks guys.

i tried updating the firmware but that didn't help unfortunately. i bought it from ebay so no warranty and nope to the carphone warehouse near me. i live in the forest of dean, the closest phone repair shop is probably in gloucester :(

  Superstylin 16:42 04 Dec 2005

nothing to help in the faq/troubleshooting of siemens website. it just ends with 'send the phone for repair' basically. don't think i'll be doing that since i imagine the repair price will be more than the actual phone is worth!

  SANTOS7 16:46 04 Dec 2005

On your next visit to a highstreet phone shop (any)
show them the problem they will be able to decide if the phone is faulty, it is a generic fault with the phone, or if it is something you have done to it,
Pending on when and how you paid for the phone you may be able to get it replaced or a refund.
A slider phone relies on contact between two surfaces they may be dirty or wet, try cleaning or
drying as much as you can and see what happens..

  v1asco 18:16 04 Dec 2005

Virgin are doing deals at the moment, depending on your brand preference.

Sonyericsson £90 with £35 airtime and the beauty with Virgin is that once you have spent £30 on air time (which you have done just by buying it)they will unlock it for free and next day delivery.

click here.

My local dealer wanted £100 for a second hand phone.

I feel sure others will also be able to point you to cheap deals.

I am not a Virgin Customer, use 3, which I find pretty good but in the Forest of Dean reption may be iffy.

Enjoy the Wye.


  Superstylin 19:20 04 Dec 2005

the two halves are connected by a ribbon cable. i've tried blowing out any dust on the connections to no avail, removing and reseating the connection and hoping for the best but still no joy.

i think it's either gonna be resigned to the dustbin or i buy spares from ebay and try a diy repair.

cheers for the pointer taffy. i'm gutted cos i took out an 18mth contract with vodafone. if i had of taken out a 12 mth one i would have been due for upgrade this month. fortunately though my other half is due an upgrade so i'm looking to get their old phone. uofortunately they want a fancy new one that hasn't even been delivered to vodafone yet so i've gotta wait. the cheek of it!

  pavvi 20:41 04 Dec 2005

you buy it from provide you with his proof of purchase. It sounds like your phone needs a software upgrade. I work for cpw, although not an engineer. If the phone itself is under 12months old and you have a proof of puchase carphone will send it for repair free of charge. Also try and see if voda will allow an early upgrade, if your bills are above a certain level, they often allow it early. Try it, after all the worst they could say is no.

  Superstylin 21:26 04 Dec 2005

hey pavvi, there's no proof of purchase but i'm pretty sure it's over 12 months old anyway. i've tried a firmware upgrade, is this different to a software upgrade? voda won't upgrade me until march which is a gutter.

  Kev.Ifty 22:34 04 Dec 2005

You asked about a Mobile Phone Forum.

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