Any German speakers out there?

  anchor 11:55 03 Aug 2009

A new edition of Duden, (the standard German dictionary), has just been released. It includes 5000 new words.

click here

This appears to be the longest the Germans have:


"roughly meaning "legal insurance companies"

But it stiil does not come close to


Translation: "The church of St. Mary in the hollow of white hazel trees near the rapid whirlpool by St. Tysilio's of the red cave".

  six-h 12:06 03 Aug 2009

Curled up in bed with a cup of cocoa, and my copy of Der Grosse Duden! Ah I remember it well!

"Das it girl" ROTFL.
Good to see we are infecting their language as the French and Americans infect ours!

  Grey Goo 13:22 03 Aug 2009

"Die Bad Bank" sounds good in any language, where's me Schmeisser MP40.

  karmgord 21:15 05 Aug 2009

useful German phrases
1. ein Bier bitte
2.werden Sie mit mir schlafen
3. Microsoft ist Schei$$e!

  DieSse 22:33 05 Aug 2009

It always used to amuse me to hear a German distributor of ours talking about "Der Profit und Loss Account."

  Noldi 16:56 06 Aug 2009

If you listen to a German radio station you will be suprised how many English words creap in.

"Bitte ein Bitt" is one saying but im afraid I dont like the Bitburger taste. click here


  Bingalau 19:18 06 Aug 2009

Trink nur Weiss Bier...

  alB 19:34 06 Aug 2009

This is a good one
click here# ...alB

  Brumas 22:52 06 Aug 2009

aber erinnern Sie sich die Flasche von an Underberg für den Morgen nachher. ;o)

  Grey Goo 10:07 07 Aug 2009


Gerfingerpoken nicht

Causen der SpitzenSparken

Unt Machinen KAPUT

  STREETWORK 20:53 07 Aug 2009

Think this is the longest word in German.


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