any german speakers

  sunnystaines 08:55 21 Nov 2010

anyone know why german conversations keep saying "gansk" or gansk,gansk" we are try to learn some german but cannot sort this one out.

hope its not a swear word.

  Forum Editor 09:03 21 Nov 2010


or Danksche, which is Bavarian for thank you.

  sunnystaines 09:23 21 Nov 2010

might be "gdansk" sounds right, when i first heard it thought of the polish boat yard, but it gets repeated regular during conversations.

i will listen out again and bear in mind your translation it might be right.

tried recording it on the android phone translation but it gets garmin in error nothing like what they say.

  iambeavis 10:20 21 Nov 2010

It may be the word "ganz", which is used quite often in conversation and an explanation of different uses is _ click here

  Noldi 10:29 21 Nov 2010

Are you learning this from a CD?. where exactly are you hearing this word because it could be local dialect as in English when people say "You no what I mean" or simular.

I never heard this one but ones I have heard. Oder, Weisch, geht das etc.

Ganz is used for tolal as in Ganz genau - Totally correct.

Will think about it maybe the spelling is not 100% correct.


  Noldi 10:37 21 Nov 2010

Or as iambeavis has posted if they are talking about for example the whole country or whole of Europe. Ganzes Deutschland, Ganzes Europe.

The other word is Glanz = brightness / Shine

One site I found handy when I first started. click here.


  Noldi 11:03 21 Nov 2010

Had a think about this and I know of no word in high German apart from the Shipyard.

German use "Ge" on the front of a word when its past. Geboren = Born, Gestern = yesterday etc

so that leaves the "dansk" to sort out may be Gedacht? What did you think. Gedenkt? in memory click here


  sunnystaines 11:23 21 Nov 2010

spot on thats the word and it fits in, thank you.

bookmarked that link too very handy translator site.

thanks all who offered help.

  Bingalau 11:56 21 Nov 2010

sunnystaines. My German teacher who lives just around the corner from me, has confirmed that the word is most probably "Ganz". So iambeavis is correct. It also sounds the most plausible answer to me. That site he included looks quite a good site too, might save me thumbing through my Duden when I am writing to my pals over in Germany.

  sunnystaines 14:32 21 Nov 2010

i have the google translator app might have to swap to your suggestion.....thanks

  karmgord 19:25 22 Nov 2010

Ganz means "all" so you might hear "das ist ganz klar" or " that is all clear"

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