For any Gamers with HalfLife 2

  gudgulf 10:58 15 Jan 2006

........If you have a powerfull, fully DirectX9 based pc you might like to try this high resolution mod.

click here

Be warned it's a big (just under 800Mb) download and it adds high res textures to just about everything in the game.......Looks absolutely fantastic!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 14:10 15 Jan 2006

Thanks for that - I'll give it a go although I'm not sure my pc is up to it.

  Madscot_uk 18:10 15 Jan 2006

Looks good, but 256Mb+ plus spec for g-gard slightly outdoes my 128Mb 6600Gt!

  gudgulf 20:38 15 Jan 2006

You'll probably be ok.........I admittedly have a 256Mb card (ATI X800XT) with a P4 @3.6GHz and 2GB DDR400 RAM.

I've just been playing it at 1280x960 resolution, maximum detail settings and 4x(adaptive)AA/16x AF.I get between low 30s to over 100 fps at those settings.If I use 2x AA/4xAF then it stays above 100fps most of the time.

What I do notice is momentary lag as new textures are loaded up..but nothing too annoying.

I would imagine that you will be able to run the mod at high settings too but you will probably be hit by higher levels of lag as the game has to swap textures between RAM and the graphics card.

  Madscot_uk 21:05 15 Jan 2006

I'll give it a go and post back here on how it goes.

For comparison system spec is
[email protected]
1Gb DDR400 dual channel
128Mb 6600Gt slightly o/ced

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