Any Ford Ka owners around?

  exdragon 14:43 10 Nov 2007

I know this isn't anything to do with computers, or indeed, a topic which can start a lengthy debate, but the members here usually have really useful answers to most questions!

I'm thinking of getting a new one 1.3 Style, 0% finance for 3 years, plus trading in my 7 year old Fiesta. I only do about 5000 miles a year, mostly around town with a few motorway trips. Very rarely need to use the back seats for passengers, so that's not an issue.

Ayone got any comments/ideas/fors/againsts?

  crosstrainer 14:48 10 Nov 2007

Quite expensive to repair, but are on the other hand, cheap to run.

click here

If you are unfortunate enough to have a bump, the body panels are very dear to replace...All in one curved panels...Hard to beat out bumps. :)

  exdragon 14:55 10 Nov 2007

Thanks for that - as usual, love/hate!! This is a bit of an imulse, I must confess.

  Totally-braindead 15:04 10 Nov 2007

Never been in one but theres not that many of them about, a neighbour has one and thats one of the few I have seen and its a bit of a mess, mind you that might be because of the owner rather than anything to do with the car. Don't know about running costs but Fiestas are common and therefore the parts are cheap and easy to source so I would imagine the Fiestas easier and cheaper to maintain.
And looking at my neighbours car it seems to me the Fiesta is more practical IE bigger and easier to use for carrying things. Theres no way you'd get 2 people in the back, even kids would be a struggle.
Not saying the Ka is bad but if it was me I would prefer something like a Fiesta.
Also happen to think its rather ugly but beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

  exdragon 15:12 10 Nov 2007

Hmmmm... Problem is, I live on my own, no kids and long journeys/mega shopping trips are in the other half's company car. He hates being driven by anyone, not just me and has probably only been in my car half a dozen times - once while drunk and twice after he'd had an anaesthetic and needed a 'responsible person' to take him home!

  g0nvs 15:34 10 Nov 2007

To be honest with you the KA is the best car I have ever owned. Cheap to buy, run, insure & cheap road tax etc.
I bought mine nearly 3 years ago when it was 3 years old, apart from an annual service & MOT I have spent nothing on it.
The driving position is very good & has plenty of room for a six foot tall driver. Overall a very nice car to drive. Would I have another one ? Definitley.

Have a wander over here click here
All your questions answered.

  hzhzhzhz 15:41 10 Nov 2007

My daughter had a Ford Ka for 2 years and it was a great little car.

  g0nvs 15:45 10 Nov 2007

Forgot to mention I owned 2 Fiesta's before the KA. There is no comparison at all, the KA wins every time.

  exdragon 15:47 10 Nov 2007

And yet more thanks. I've just enquired about the price for the next model up, the Style Climate. It'd still cost me less than I was paying for my recently paid off mortgage and endowment policy. So it's really free money, isn't it? That's a woman's point of view, by the way.

Do you reckon I should treat myself?? Oh - perhaps I ought to drive it first!!

  Bingalau 15:53 10 Nov 2007

exdragon...Take it for a test drive, take no notice of the cost of replacing panels etc. After all you are not going to have any accidents are you? I would say it seems ideal for your needs. Low running costs these days are more important than style. It's not a bad looking car anyway. Let us know how you decide and how you get on. I might even get one of them for my next Jalopy.

  exdragon 16:08 10 Nov 2007

Great advice! I'm giving it a go tomorrow. The salesman (who I think is probably young enough to be my grandson) is taking me to the B&Q car park!! He says it's quiet there on a Sunday. Do you think he sees me as some sort of old biddy? Or is he just being sensible? I'll let you know.

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