Any food shortages...

  DANZIG 15:51 05 Dec 2010
Locked your area?

Just been to Shorehead Sainsburys in Huddersfield and this was the sight that greeted me.

Should we be getting a touch worried??

click here

click here

  gengiscant 16:21 05 Dec 2010

Looks like plenty of chickens to me.
I think the worst of the weather is over for now,things will be getting back to normal soon.So no I don't think you have to worry.
Although you might be a tad touched taking photos of shelves in a supermarket. What a life you lead.LOL

  Pine Man 16:29 05 Dec 2010

Don't panic Mr Mainwaring;-)

  peter99co 16:42 05 Dec 2010

I have placed my order for home delivery. I will let them find the supplies. I have even managed to offset the delivery charge by wise two for one purchases.

I prefer to keep warm when it's bad outside.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:47 05 Dec 2010

For crying out loud, no one will die and I'm sure that as there seems to be a lot of over-weight people in the UK, then a lack of food might help them shed some flab. I'm sure the papers will be full of hysteria like when the whole of the UK was just seconds from dying when we had no water due the floods a few years ago.

Anyone who is stupid enough to believe that a few empty shelves means food shortages has obviously never been to Ethiopia or any other country where there are REAL food shortages and where most of the population are not cake scoffers and allergic to salads.


  peter99co 16:54 05 Dec 2010

For crying out loud, no one will die and I'm sure that as there seems to be a lot of over-weight people in the UK

Please remember that some can not get out to buy their supplies. Lack of food in the house can kill.

I am sure the shops are well stocked though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:58 05 Dec 2010

I'm sure that if I were elderly or infirm I would, assuming that I was still in control of my wits, have a stock of pasta, cans of soup and long-life milk, collected when times were better. Not expensive and would more than suffice for the 7 days a year when there is a likelihood of me being snowed/flooded in.


  spuds 17:28 05 Dec 2010

I seemed to have noticed a distribution trolley and boxes at the side of the first photograph. Can I assume that a relocation of products was taking place. You know the type of 'every little helps' marketing. One week it is in one part of the store, another week somewhere else, in the hope you will make further purchases on the way around the store.

If there is a genuine food shortage, then we in our house will have to clear out some of the storage areas before the sell by dates. Been promising to do that for ages. The last time we did that, there was three large bin liner bags in the dustbin. Waste not want not, I'll need to remember that, on the next shopping expedition!

  gengiscant 17:36 05 Dec 2010

Why is it that there are folk on this forum that insist, whenever a light hearted post is submitted, on turning it around to something serious.
Please ask Santa for a bloody humor transplant this Christmas.

  DANZIG 17:45 05 Dec 2010

Well said gengiscant!


  Jameslayer 17:59 05 Dec 2010

2:30 on a sunday the shelf was almost empty of bread.

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