Any fishpond keepers among us?

  TopCat® 20:53 10 Mar 2008

I am looking for a supplier of fine mesh screening to cut to size and fit into my filtration system. Needs to be rustproof of course and with 5mm x 5mm or so holes in it.

I'm changing my unsuccessful filtration media setup to Kalden K1, which is quite small in itself, so the screening is needed to contain it inside my chambers. Here's an example of a modern and expensive Kaldnes K1 conversion click here My setup is much older and completely different to this. I just need some decent screening; the K1 is already on its way!

Thought I would try here first because you guys and gals are great sleuths and tend to know everything!! :o) Thanks for your time on this. TC.

  Forum Editor 21:01 10 Mar 2008

click here instead.

  TopCat® 22:05 10 Mar 2008

My setup is nowhere near as expensive and pristine as a dedicated koi man would have. I've spent out quite a bit on my pond since moving to here five years ago, even on the less expensive koi - as you know one can pay hundreds for exotic koi. I inherited most of my fish which include orfe, ghost carp, shubunkins, goldfish and koi, together with a few frogs, toads and newts.

I am in the process of installing an additional and separate pumped-flow vortex cylinder, filled with Black Knight brushes, to take care of the mechanical filtration part. The return will flow by gravity to my chambers wherein will be a combination of more brushes and aerated K1 media, followed by Jap matting cartridges in the last chambers. This will take care of the biological filtration process, once the K1 matures. TC.

  spikeychris 22:33 10 Mar 2008

from the FE

'Don't get me started on pond filtration...'

  katkins 22:38 10 Mar 2008

Top Cat

Yes, I'm a pond keeper too - since June 1996.

You specialise in Koi, I notice. My filter system is different to yours. I don't know any fine mesh suppliers.

I expect you've scouted the fishkeeping and general gardening mags as well as all the various pond-keeping outlets. There are newspaper-type publications in the gardening and fish-keeping category which might offer some useful information in that direction.

I have a feeling you'll have no luck finding anything rust-proof, though. There is plastic mesh in the form of sacks obtainable for the purpose. I bought 2 large plastic mesh sacks about five years ago to put my filteration media in. It's sold in packs of two, if I recall.

I am thinking of packing it in as my back is no longer up to all the bending and cleaning of equipment, and care of plants that is essential to the maintenance of ponds, and I have a number of equipment items which I never got around to using.

I remember buying a roll of aviary mesh via mail order in 1998 to create a fence around the pond with the use of wire cutters. It was fairly invisible and didn't spoil the vision one bit. And it sure worked as I was having fish swiped by cats and believe it or not, wood pigeons. Magpies are capable too. I never spotted one heron at dawn or dusk in my garden in all the years.

My pond was featured in two mags once - Water Garden and a newer one (forgotten the name) around 1998 or so.

My Goldfish, Comets and Sarassas are getting on in years now and there's an average of two or so surviving additions from their spawnings most years. The pond is getting a tad too full.

I also had 5 lovely Orfe once, one a beautiful blue, up until 2006. They expired due to oxygen depletion even though the pump was running and the filters kept clear. It turned out they had grown too big for my small pond and the stress factor besides the oxygen prob, killed them off more or less, one by one over a period of 4 years (two in 2002). I should have looked about finding them new homes, but I didn't want to part with them since they're such elegant looking fish. I felt awful for ages after.

The rest of the Carp varieties were unaffected.

I gave two 11 years old Kois, (one a female Doitshu), last year to a guy I've known for years - free as his pond is enormous compared with mine and just right to accommodate two fairly large Kois. Thankfully, they didn't suffer in the move and were still alive at least December last.

  katkins 23:00 10 Mar 2008

I remember I bought the underwater piping type filteration system a few years ago when it first come onto the market and was hailed as the ultimate answer to one's filteration problems.

Less than a year later, I sold it still wrapped. It never got to go in my pond.

I use Bio-claire during the Summer and Autumn months which helps to keep the algae at bay, in conjunction with my built-in filter unit clarifier.

  spuds 23:17 10 Mar 2008

Would the mesh used in fibreglass repairs be suitable, which is easily obtainable from car accessory outlets etc. If not, this company might be able to help click here

  wee eddie 23:38 10 Mar 2008

or do you mean 1/2mm.

if the latter you could use "Tulle" ~ the nylon stuff Ballerinas Tutus are made from.

  TopCat® 00:27 11 Mar 2008

If this link works then here's some pics of my pond - click here - there's five shots to be seen from tab at top right. As you can see, hopefully, it is well over thirty years old and those chambers were filled in with rubble when I first got there - never used for years because the pond bottom drain leaked and was cemented over. I worked hard to clear them out and modify them so a pumped system would work. I had to install and seal reducing height vertical partition slabs so that one chamber fed the next, and so on.

Everything was switched off for the winter and, as you'll notice, you can't see much of the fish or the pond bottom! I've been plagued by algae blooms and blanketweed for a couple of years now - had a strong, double lamp UV unit running constantly before, which I serviced annually, and placed and tried large packs of netted barley straw under the waterfall return. For me it was a waste of time and money and that's why I'm making changes and additions to the setup.

I've inherited most of the fish in this pond and have some old, large friendly beauties that can be hand fed. Added just a few small koi which were named individually by the grandchildren so I don't want to lose any of them!

This K1 stuff is very small - about the size of a cube of sugar - but it's virtually self cleaning if it's kept amply supplied with oxygen via an air diffuser underneath. New K1 will float for a few days until it starts maturing then it will sink slightly and move about the chambers. It's not cheap but I'm told it does a wonderful job coverting the pond 'nasties' into beneficial bacteria. I need the small bore mesh to stop it escaping from the top and bottom of the chambers. I'll check out spuds link tomorrow. TC.

  katkins 00:43 11 Mar 2008

Top Kat

It's very pretty and your system is very elaborate. Mine is a lot simpler with the typical black filter box/built-in clarifier, but still takes a fair amount of keeping an eye on.

Your pond isn't unlike the chap's I gave my Koi to. He had two ponds, one raised slightly and is a keen gardener too. His garden is like an exotic oasis.

  lofty29 11:20 11 Mar 2008

I am just a low end pond and fish tank man, nothing too fancy, but got fed up with paying high prices for filtration medium. Had to have some sofa cushions refilled a while ago, whilst I was there noticed some foam which seemed Ideal bought a large chunk quite cheaply just the job , by the way also chucked some watercress from the greengrocers in the pond last year, grows well helps keep the pond clear and provides food for grandaughters tortoise

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