any comments experiances about county training?

  Rtus 21:34 05 Jan 2007

Forgive spelling errors .....(unless ive got it right for once)
my youngest son was asked to attend county training, after having a few medical problems after a rta,Im wondering in which way it can help him
Can anyone whos had experiance of this,post & let us know how they got on ?

  Forum Editor 23:08 08 Jan 2007

at the bottom of the page, Rtus, and it may be there because people aren't too sure what county training is all about.

  DrScott 23:30 08 Jan 2007

you've lost me Rtus - do you mean county as in district, as in Berkshire for example? Or something else?

  Rtus 10:09 09 Jan 2007

my apologies,I in fact was unsure what it is . apparantly its a jobseekers (enforced)option. here, they give it the title "county training" my lad seems to (if I get his description right)spend time 9am-4pm sitting at a computer terminal looking for work.local includes anywhere in the uk. he no longer has transport(rta)as he was TPFT only 7 could not claim for his motor.& relies on us to get anywhere, as our car isnt available during his "normal working" hours it difficult to see how we can help him undertake this training.Over the last couple of weeks the wifes varied her shift 5am to 8.30 back at 11am-2pm & back at 4,30-8pm enabling me to take him there.however this wont be continue due to normal shift rota coming back into force in feb.

  Rtus 10:22 09 Jan 2007

the 7 should have been an & ... I should have also said > my youngest lad is dyslexic, very poor memory retention .& was investigated for epilepsy after taking a fall at work when he was 18. time passed & pronounced fit he was allowed to resume driving , but couldnt have his job back so had to look for work, during this period he was involved in a rta & lost his car 7 licence(2yr rule), & its diabolical for public transport here as plug was pulled on that in the early 90's & its not as though its just a short walk to town its 6 miles from nearest shop. I just wondered if anyone else had experiance of this (training)& how it helped them?

  Rtus 10:23 09 Jan 2007

For the bump FE , Hows the Koi ?

  Rtus 10:25 09 Jan 2007

me bally fingers aint workin too well.too numb ,, Sorry..

  wee eddie 11:03 09 Jan 2007

many of the acronyms have me stumped and are you sure that "country training" is the correct phrase.

I assume that the training offered is part of a scheme to accustom folk to the routine of work, but have been unable to find any reference to it under that name on the Job Centre's Site.

Perhaps, if you sit with him, while viewing the Job Centre's site he can direct you to the correct part. Also, if they have made a training offer, they usually back up the offer with printed details or at the very least a letter of instructions.

  Rtus 11:39 09 Jan 2007

click here

click here

are what ive found, but does seem to be the same for him . he attended this last year & never got placed with any firm , nor offered any training.

  Rtus 11:44 09 Jan 2007

should have read > but does not seem to be the same for him
>>> acronyms + RTA - road traffic accident..
TPFT = insuance -third party fire & theft

  wee eddie 12:14 09 Jan 2007

Now it's beginning to make sense.

The Government has Outsourced many of their re-training facilities. I think that they, "Country Training", will attempt to provide some form of Career Guidance and possibly access to courses.

As to transport, many folk have to travel for an hour or more to get to work, and I think that I read somewhere on the site of a "Travel Allowance" so he should not be out of pocket.

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