Any budding astronauts out there?

  TOPCAT® 18:39 15 Feb 2007

If so, take a gander at the Virgin Galactic video currently showing at click here

They hope to get the new venture off the ground in 2009 and will take around 2 hours for the whole flight. You need to pass a stringent physical before you'll be accepted. The cost will make some hole in the old bank balance at around $200,000 a trip. Loads of enquiries from several countries already and a couple of thousand currently booked, they say.

I wonder if that price includes a hefty environment tax, for as I see it, that aircraft(?) will most certainly be doing its bit of polluting. Unless, of course, they have some new type of propulsion system to build into it.

Going to shake up my money box and see if I can afford a trip! :o) TC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:47 15 Feb 2007

Why do the words 'Challenger' and Columbia always spring to mind when I read about space 'tourist' travel? If NASA cannot get it right I would seriously question the ability of an annoyingly jolly, bearded man who has a pullover complex. OTOH, at least you could truthfully say 'I can see our house from here'.


  Totally-braindead 19:25 15 Feb 2007

Wonder if I could sneak aboard in the luggage as I'm a bit skint just now.
Thinking about $200.000 it makes Vista look cheap. If Microsoft was doing it it would be twice the price if you were a UK resident.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:35 15 Feb 2007

I want to be the first conjuring cat in space :-)

  TOPCAT® 20:33 15 Feb 2007

and that is they'll not be taking up any gentlemen of the cloth. Seems that one bingy cleric on Concorde had consumed three sherrys by the time the plane had reached flight altitude. When asked if he would like another it's claimed he replied that he'd better not as he was too close to head office!! :o)) TC.

  TOPCAT® 23:56 15 Feb 2007

Ticking resolved. TC.

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