Any astronomers here?

  canarieslover 19:36 13 Dec 2009

Might be a good night for star gazing. click here

  Forum Editor 19:40 13 Dec 2009

although at the moment the sky isn't clear where I am.

  Chegs ®™ 20:05 13 Dec 2009

I'll be taking the dog out for a walk later,heading south east (along the cycletrack away from all the light pollution)though when I could see skywards just before dark,we had a fair bit of cloud.The GF just returned from the shop & warned me its lethal underfoot with the ice so chances are,it will be another very clear evening.

  Legolas 20:16 13 Dec 2009

Where I am in Scotlamd I cant even see the end of my path...fog.

  Legolas 20:19 13 Dec 2009

....also I cant see to type ;))

  canarieslover 09:06 14 Dec 2009

How was it for everybody? I must admit to being a tad disappointed. We only had about 15% cloud so I was expecting something akin to a slow fireworks display. Instead I stood out from 21:30 to 22:30 and still only noticed a few, nowhere near the 100 - 120 per hour forecast. Also they were very feint and disappeared in a split second. I remember, many years ago, seeing a couple that were much brighter and seemed to last several seconds, larger particles I suppose. Still, I felt much better after a large brandy to warm me up again.

  bri-an 09:13 14 Dec 2009

Was up till about 1am and saw a good show, some very bright ones. Fortunately I was in the area voted 'blackest' in UK (Galloway Park) and it was clear and real brass monkey weather.

  bri-an 10:00 14 Dec 2009

I meant to say " blackest night sky"

  tullie 15:15 14 Dec 2009

Must be difficult at that time of day.

  egapup 19:12 14 Dec 2009

Everytime they say there's a meteor shower i've stood outside, getting a stiff neck, waiting for the spectacle and totally wasting my time.

  Chegs ®™ 22:05 14 Dec 2009

I took the dog out as I said,walked a mile out of town along the cycletrack and sat for an hour in total darkness as the clouds drifted in and I only saw a couple of streaks of light.The dog nearly died of panic when the cattle & sheep in the field beside the track moved,and I wrenched a few muscles slipping on invisible patches of ice as I returned disappointed.

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