For any Americans on here...

  Bingalau 11:12 22 Nov 2007

The History of Thanksgiving

Who better to bring us the history of Thanksgiving than the History Channel?! This is a really in depth Web site on the history behind the Thanksgiving holiday. You’ll find navigation on the side menu and the different sections include:

Home – This will bring you back to the main page at any time during your visit to this site.

First Thanksgiving – Here you can learn all about the food that was eaten on the first Thanksgiving, including some interesting surprises, like seal and swan. You can also learn about the pilgrims' eating habits and even their table manners. Be sure to check out the Pilgrims Menu on the side as well, but keep in mind that it only becomes visible when you’ve clicked into the First Thanksgiving section.

Mayflower Myths – Here you can read some commonly believed myths about the pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower and find out the actual truth.

Pilgrim's Echo – Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum where you can interact with people portraying the pilgrims. Here you can listen to the interviews with Myles Standish and Ellinor Billington, where they answer questions about the first feast. You can also read the text transcripts to the interviews.

Proclamation – This section lets you read a Thanksgiving proclamation from 1782. It’s pretty neat to see what was passed down to people on the holiday all those years ago.

Video: History of Thanksgiving – Here you can watch several videos about the History of Thanksgiving. I really liked them. There’s even a video quiz at the very end that you can watch for fun!

Resources – Here you can follow links to the resources that all this bountiful information has come from and do a little more exploring on your own.

There is even a poll on the main page where you can vote on what is the best part of Thanksgiving for you and your family. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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~ Amanda

  DANZIG 11:48 22 Nov 2007

I'm not an American - but I found that really interesting!

The 'net is so full of absolute rubbish that its always refreshing to find something that is actually useful..

...nearly as useful as this site.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:04 22 Nov 2007

I bet that the Wampanoag Indians are having a celebration as well.


  J B 15:16 22 Nov 2007

Thanks and the same to you. J.B.

  DieSse 15:52 22 Nov 2007


Things have moved on a tad since the 17th Century. Neither side was without blame in any case.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:20 22 Nov 2007

I am at fault and it was terribly remiss of the native americans to expect to keep their land and customs.


  bluto1 20:19 22 Nov 2007

Thank you for drawing my attention to a terrific story. I've only spent an hour on it so far and am looking forward to a quiet weekend to see the rest.

  Bingalau 20:46 22 Nov 2007

bluto1. Glad you liked it. Myself, I haven't yet looked at it as I had to go out earlier. But reading through the spiel this morning, I knew it looked interesting. Even if we have no Americans on here, we certainly have members interested in history. I will have good look at the site later.

  Bingalau 20:54 22 Nov 2007

Now that I have tried to get on the site all I am getting is sound... Is there vision to go with it?

  Brumas 21:27 22 Nov 2007

looks really interesting - I will have a good look at it over the weekend.

  Bingalau 22:14 22 Nov 2007

Brumas. If you get vision as well as sound will you send me a fresh link to the site? I am only getting sound and have deleted the original article I got it from.. Ta a million...

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