Anubody Got a Demi-John?

  morddwyd 13:28 23 Feb 2011

I prepared some veg on the weekend, but didn't use them and left them in a saucepan on top of the cooker.

Came into the kitchen this morning and smelled a strange, but vaguely familiar, smell.

Tracked it down to the veg, and when I checked they had started "working" and were fermenting away nicely.

A few years back and we'd have had them in a demijohn and started enjoying carrot and swede wine in about six weeks!

  dagbladet 13:55 23 Feb 2011

mmm...sounds great.

  john bunyan 13:58 23 Feb 2011

Only recently disposed of a couple of old demi - johns originally brought back from Cyprus in '70's with wine and brandy. Still have a carboy (Garden in a bottle type) if you want it!

  spuds 16:33 23 Feb 2011

Demi John's--Got quite a few gathering dust. Plus all the paraphernalia for home brewing, which were all left over from the home brewing craze, and when Boot's plus Wilko's were regular suppliers.

Anybody still got a ginger beer plant?.

  Chris the Ancient 17:34 23 Feb 2011

Cyprus brandy... Best quality Keo... made an excellent brandy sour on a hot evening a bit further along main route to the far east (when there was enough space in a transiting plane to stow a few).

We used to do the Keo for free... just pay for the 7up and the 'brandy money' went into the 'last' demi-john - which was the charities bottle.

  Diemmess 18:17 23 Feb 2011

Have often seen demi-johns offered on freecycle, might be worth signing on to a local one?

  ukpostcode 18:43 23 Feb 2011

Marrow Rum is good.
Will try my hand at most hooch.
Some taste bad, some good you have fun making them though!

  morddwyd 19:56 23 Feb 2011

"Marrow Rum is good."

But expensive as it does evaporate!

By the way, my request was rhetorical - I'm not really looking for a demi-john. I could barely lift an empty oen, let alone a full one!

  Chegs ®™ 16:12 25 Feb 2011

I have a few demi-johns,plus all the paraphanalia for brewing beers/wines.I still have several crates of cider from the apples gathered from the tree in my garden at my previous address,and half a dozen bottles of blackberry wine.I'd been picking blackberries to squeeze for fresh juice,once squeezed the juice was bottled and shoved in the bottom of the fridge.A couple of days later,my daughter returned from school & went to get a drink of juice only to find the bottles had started fermenting so I added a little extra sugar & bunged the bottles into the back of a cupboard.Several years later I have some very nice blackberry wine for special occasions(I don't drink alcohol now)& some lethal cider(its been sat in the shed for upwards of ten years)

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