Anti-virus or pro-virus?

  The Belarussian Mafia 10:58 02 Jun 2005

I reckon a certain large AV & utilities software company sends viruses. The only time I ever got a virus was a couple of weeks before being bombarded with subscription renewal notices (one or two exceptions in about 5 years). I am seriously suspicious; nonetheless if no-one else has had this experience I will withdraw my aspertions...

  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:06 02 Jun 2005

Either you are having a laugh or I have died and gone to paranoid heaven.


  The Belarussian Mafia 11:13 02 Jun 2005

Every year mate.

Only reason I put this up is because I want to see if others have had the same experience. No wind-up. If people think I'm bonkers, perhaps there is nothing to it. Mind you it is so predictable that I have actually been thinking "any day now", then it happens...

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:22 02 Jun 2005

It's certainly never happened to me.

  DieSse 14:25 02 Jun 2005

If you seriously think any AV company of repute could do this and not get caught at it ........

  Border Collie 15:49 02 Jun 2005

I'm not sure the 'big boys' could, or would, do as you suspect The Belarussian Mafia but get suspicious when I do an on-line, or trial, AV or registry check and advised I have problems. If I pay up then my problems will be solved.

I'll stick with both Avast! AV (Free) click here and CCleaner (also Free) click here which keep my setup running well.

  Aspman 16:27 02 Jun 2005

I'm safe. I wear my tinfoil hat while surfing and keep an eye out for Tempest equiped vans outside my house.

  stalion 16:35 02 Jun 2005

sounds like paranoia, some companies in the spyware department tell you there are nasties on your system which there almost certainly is not and to buy their product to shift it,
but reputable anti-virus companies such as recommended on this forum would be nipped in the bud if they were doing anything like it bearing in mind thousands of people are useing their product

  Pooke 17:02 02 Jun 2005

Oh look there's little green men hovering outside my bedroom window....... "Oh no!"

  The Belarussian Mafia 17:17 02 Jun 2005

As I said, this impression is the result of real-life experience. What would you think if this had happened to you?

I don't think I'm unique in wondering about this. Years ago I heard a guy who had his own radio 'PC clinic' phone-in say (in response to the question "Who are the people who write viruses?") that he thought certain companies had a vested interest in the spread of viruses. That's all he said. He wasn't joking either. Enigmatic? No, I think his drift was pretty transparent. Still, I'm prepared to accept it might just have been conjecture or an urban myth. But why would he risk his reputation on air without reason?

  DieSse 17:26 02 Jun 2005

"I don't think I'm unique in wondering about this."

Of course you're not unique - but if it happened other than by co-incidence, and in other than just a few times, then the whole world would be full of it and the offending company would be long ago out of business and prosecuted for criminal activities.

Forget it - it ain't happening, other than by co-incidence or by you misleading yourself or us.

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