Another V bomber takes to the air

  WhiteTruckMan 15:07 08 Sep 2009

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Well... Sort of.



  TopCat® 18:21 08 Sep 2009

It's a good job the ageing ex RAF commander had the quick presence of mind to avert what could have been a serious and very possibly a fatal tragedy. At that low altitude and with such a large aircraft, one can't easily change direction, airspeed and height! They were very lucky indeed.

It's to be hoped the two of them were wearing dark brown trousers at the time! TC.

  octal 20:47 08 Sep 2009

Just shows the old girl is still capable of taking to the air, I wonder if the worst came to the worst he could have done a go round and landed again?

  morddwyd 20:58 08 Sep 2009

The aircraft is designed to use a drag parachute as a brake, but Bob didn't have time to deploy it

I'll bet the ejection seats weren't armed (live) either!

An engineer did a similar thing in a Lightning way back when

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All he had to sit on was an upturned box.

I interviewed him for a magazine in the 70s and he still had bad effects from it.

  peter99co 23:10 08 Sep 2009

You would not want that kind of Lightning experience to strike twice!

  morddwyd 07:21 09 Sep 2009

Sorry, I've just realised that linking to another forum is not best practice, but it's the only link I could find.

  peter99co 09:10 09 Sep 2009

It's a link to very interesting information. Nothing wrong with that if it improves our knowledge of a subject.

  Bapou 15:44 09 Sep 2009

I wonder why this incident has just come to the attention of the media, it happened May 19th.

Watching the video on You Tube last night believing it to be 'news', I noted responses from viewers dated months ago.

  Chris the Ancient 16:12 09 Sep 2009

A similar incident also happened at RAF Binbrook in the 60's.

An engineering officer was supposed to do a taxi run down the runway and made the same 'mistake' of pushing the throttles wide open.

As the canopy was open at the time, the drag ripped it off and damaged the tailplane.

Apart from the normal laxative effects, the damage was quite minimal under the circumstances.

And it is a true story because I saw that aircraft as it was taxiing back to the hanger.

  Chris the Ancient 16:13 09 Sep 2009

Forgot to say that it was in a Lightning fighter.

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