Another thought on the no smoking law!

  Chris the Ancient 11:12 04 Jun 2007

I have just been out with a customer who is a service engineer. He needs to make calls on people in their own homes to fix appliances.

His company (a major national) is having to think about the following v-e-r-y carefully.

If the service engineer calls into a home to do some work, that automatically becomes his place of work. And, of course, he can't smoke. However, it is the customer's home and that customer may well be a smoker. So, should the customer refrain from smoking while the service engineer is there because it is his place of work? And if the customer smokes, should the engineer leave because his workplace is being smoked in?

Believe me, the engineer's company is looking at this very carefully! And the more I think about it...


  Sic 11:17 04 Jun 2007

This could apply to dozens of situations, i hope common sense prevails.

  Totally-braindead 11:24 04 Jun 2007

I have read that some Councils in Scotland have already implimented guidelines for people who have to go to peoples houses and the guidelines ask people not to smoke in their own homes for 2 hours before a council representative is due to arrive.
I don't know which councils are considering/implimenting this and can't recall where I read it. If I do recall where I read this I will of course put in a link to it.

  Chris the Ancient 11:30 04 Jun 2007

Hmmm... And I wonder how many smokers will respect that guideline. It might be a good way of keeping some council officials out!


  Totally-braindead 11:39 04 Jun 2007

I do wish I could recall where I read it, it wasn't in my area of Scotland I think it might have been Glasgow and if I remember correctly the article was just a proposal and was refering specifically to Social Workers visiting clients in their own homes.

  wee eddie 13:48 04 Jun 2007

You'll able to be done for threatening a Police Officer with a lit cigarette

  thms 15:46 04 Jun 2007

I think a bit of common sense is required here.

I doubt if anyone is going to follow engineers around to see if they are going to be smoking in someones house. Also I doubt very much if said engineer is likely to smoke in a non-smoking household.

I smoke and if an engineer lit up I certainly wouldn't phone his boss or anyone else to report him. If he objected to me smoking I then have 2 options

1:Show him the door.

2:Do without a fag for an hour or so.

  thms 16:01 04 Jun 2007

I forgot to mention.

It may be his place of work but is also an area where smoking is permited.

If he feels he doesn't want to work in such conditions then it is up to his employer and the customer to come to some arrangement.

Everyone seems to be looking for imaginary problems with this no smoking law.

As I said in my previous post a bit of common sense is all that's required.

As I have aleardy mentioned I am a smoker and quite frankly all this nit picking is getting a bit OTT.

Why dont they just ban the sale of tobacco and be done with it.

ps they may as well ban drinking while their at it.

  Bapou 16:36 04 Jun 2007

An elderly lady who regularily attends our local church services here in Northumberland says she been informed by Social Services, from July 1 she must not smoke within one hour of her daily carer entering the house.

The old girl does love a fag, my wife reckons she must be on 40 a day, and is not amused about the order.

I've heard her singing in church, she has a voice like the lead singer in the Dubliners, Ronnie Drew is his name I think!!!

  sinbads 19:28 04 Jun 2007

In this situation the answer is simple as an employee you come under the health and safety at work act.As such emloyers must provide suitable safety equipment in order to carry out the work required of you.

When entering a smokers home one should wear disposable gloves and overhalls resperators must be worn at all times.

what next?

  J B 20:18 04 Jun 2007

Since when have bureaucrats in any guise exercised any common sense when it come to implementing a new law? It seems to me that they can't wait to pounce come July 1st. I can hear them rubbing their hands with glee as I type. J.B.

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