Another Social Problem (Perhaps Bigger!)

  oresome 17:56 01 Feb 2009

Couples who have more than two children are being “irresponsible” by creating an unbearable burden on the environment, the government’s green adviser has warned.

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  Forum Editor 18:21 01 Feb 2009

but essentially he's right - population growth is a serious matter,and it needs to be addressed. Unfortunately there are all kinds of social and cultural factors that influence people when it comes to having children, and it's a very difficult nut to crack in a free society. Twenty five years ago China though it could solve the problem with its 'one child' policy, which ruled that ethnic Han Chinese couples in urban areas could only have one child.

In the first twenty years this policy reduced population growth by around 300 million, and it has certainly had a beneficial impact on the ecology. There have been adverse effects however, and one of them is an abnormally high ratio of men to women in the generation of no-sibling Chinese that is now reaching maturity. The government has recently relaxed the rule for these people, allowing any couple that has no siblings to have two children. This will tend to slow the population decline, but will help to address the male/female imbalance.

Voluntary family size limitation is incredibly difficult to encourage unless there are monetary or social pressures or incentives. Imposing tax penalties on a family that has a third child is one option, as are reductions in benefits. Neither of these sanctions would be popular, but it's difficult to see how to motivate people to voluntarily restrict family sizes.

  oresome 18:29 01 Feb 2009

Another factor is that couples split more often now and wish to start a new family with a new partner.

  newman35 18:34 01 Feb 2009

Yet one of our problems is that we are told we need more children to work and pay taxes to support our ever-ageing population?
Nothing is as simple as we first think, I suppose.

  karmgord 18:57 01 Feb 2009

The other side of the coin is we need enough,ecomnical viable (working)young people to sustain the every increasing elderly population in their retirment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:42 01 Feb 2009

Few people seem to disregard the fact that they might not be able to afford more children and hope that the Welfare State can help.


  robgf 19:55 01 Feb 2009

It is irresponsible to have more than two children, especially in an over populated island like ours.

The only argument in favour, is that we need more young people to support the old. A rather stupid argument, as we would need ever increasing amounts of young people. A better solution is to raise the pension age (already being done) and scrap the ridiculous pensions paid to public sector workers and funded by everyone else.

Working and child credits should also be scrapped, if you want children, pay for them yourself. I don't see why I should pay taxes, to raise other peoples children.

  Forum Editor 23:16 01 Feb 2009

Other peoples children are the ones who will later be supporting other peoples parents into old age.

A democratic society doesn't work along the the selfish lines that your taxes are only used to provide you with with the amenities and facilities that you need - there's a collective element to it. We're all in this together, and if some of my tax money is used to build the road that you live on, so be it.

  lotvic 23:51 01 Feb 2009

FE please send me some as well so I can get the potholes mended ;-)

  robgf 00:41 02 Feb 2009

I agree that future generations support the retired generation. But to increase the younger population, in order to support an increasing retired sector is folly. It's a never ending and escalating cycle. A far better solution is to reduce the cost of the retired population, by raising the age and cutting high pension payments.

There will naturally be a collective element to tax fund use. But the amount of people claiming tax credits is ridiculous. I don't run a car and expect you to pay for the fuel, so why should I pay to feed another persons kids.

  Monoux 08:31 02 Feb 2009

"and scrap the ridiculous pensions paid to public sector workers and funded by everyone else."
What does it take to make people realise that
public sector workers pay into the pot for their pensions -- its not a free handout unlike a benefits system that encourages the work shy to have children to increase their income or make it more beneficial for married people with kids to divorce to increas their joint income.

On a more general note if GB had kept his hands out of the pension pots they would have been in a much better way position despite the recesion.

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