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  Armchair 10:19 10 Apr 2009

I made a topic a while ago when I was in the rpocess of switching from electric razors to non-powered wet shaving. It seemed to do the trick, but I find myself typing this with several sizeable red lumps in my beard area, so I'm not really any further forward and I don't plan to shave at all over this holiday weekend in an effort to allow them to heal up. I know I'll look like a vagabond and I won't going far looking like this, but........

I don't know here I'm going wrong, though. Am using Gillette sensitive gel and Quattro Titanium razors which I only use three times before discarding.

1) Wash face, leaving beard area wet and warm.

2) Apply gel. Shave slowly yet firmly in direction of hair growth, rinsing blade between each stroke.

3) Rinse face, removing left over gel, and pat dry face.

Any more tips? I'm sick of looking either like a plague victim or Grizzly Adams!

  rawprawn 10:44 10 Apr 2009

Don't stand so close to the razor!

  peter99co 10:48 10 Apr 2009

I would visit a doctor to check your skin condition. A friend of mine had to and was told he had a problem. For some time he had to use hair remover creams. Wet shaving can break the surface of the skin and cause problems. He was a soldier and being told not to shave was a problem at the time.

Maybe you can only dry shave.

  wiz-king 10:53 10 Apr 2009

Try just using ordinary soap and water, you may find you are sensitive to something in the shaving gel.

  Armchair 11:24 10 Apr 2009

I can't get away with dry shaving, though. That's why I abandoned it.

Can't get away with soap on my face, either. I probably do have sensitive skin. I've been to see my GP several times, and I have an appointment with a dermatologist in a few weeks. GP advised me to wet shave, every day!

I could try a different gel or foam, I suppose. Or maybe shaving oil? Not keen on the idea of putting oil on my face, though. Or maybe a different razor? I dunno.

  Bingalau 11:46 10 Apr 2009

See the Skipper and get permission to grow a set.

  carver 12:26 10 Apr 2009

Try switching soapclick here to some thing like Simple soap (no not typing error)they have a range for sensitive skin

My wife has to use this product because of sensitive skin. Suggest you try a razor like this click here

It also might help.

  Armchair 13:39 10 Apr 2009

carver. I use Tesco Pure unscented soap (same as Simple, but much cheaper) for everything below the neck. For my lower face, I use Boots glycerin stuff that works alright, and for my forehead and hair I only use water (because my poor old forehead is always breaking out in rashes and spots. I also have to Duac gel to keep that in check). I won't use soap on my face, and I'm wary of shaving gel, but I have to use something.

I actually have a Fusion Phemon razor. it was the first one I bought. It was alright, but the blades are mega expensive, and I only used the two that came with it, then switched to the cheaper Quattro.

Do I need multiple blades, btw? So many different razors on display in Tesco etc., it makes my mind numb, lol. Same with gels and foams.

  jack 14:00 10 Apr 2009

This is the one way to resolve shaving issues.
I have not put a reason to my face in more than 60 years.
-I have to watch out when going down stairs though ;-}>>

  jack 14:02 10 Apr 2009

Should read -razor to face of course- will have to remember to comb eyebrows.

  Noels 14:06 10 Apr 2009

I read and contributed to your last thread. As I said then I use Gillette Fusion Blades which are expensive, about £8 for four but they last me up to 3 months each blade. I also use Nivea Gel and have no problems. I know from experience that It can take up to a month for your skin to get used to the change from a dry electric to a wet shave. I also have a friend that swears by a well known brand of disposable razor, he has given me some to try and I find that its like trying to shave with a garden rake and they left me with a sore face.
You could try another brand of razor blade and another foam/gel also use something like Savlon as an aftershave for a few days until your beard gets used to wet shaving.
Anyway keep at it.

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