Another Rip Off Britain Thread

  Snec 08:09 14 Sep 2010

In truth I don't know if it's a rip-off of not because I don't have the dealers' costings but something is wrong for sure.

I'm in the market for a Triumph Thunderbird and I discover the price here is £4,000 more than it is in the States -- for a machine made in England.

Four Thousand Pounds! That is not a few bob is it?

  bri-an 08:21 14 Sep 2010

"Four Thousand Pounds! That is not a few bob is it?"

No, it's actually 80,000 bob. (;-0)

  Woolwell 10:19 14 Sep 2010

Where did you get your figures from?

From what I can find out the standard version costs £9.499 OTR in UK. The USA price is $12,499 which is £8,107 add VAT and you get £9,500.

  jakimo 10:48 14 Sep 2010

The states dont have VAT,they have a state sales tax which varies betrween 4% and 8% depending on which state. Which means between $6 and $12, and nothing like $17.50.

  interzone55 10:54 14 Sep 2010

I think Woolwell means if you add our VAT to the US price you get a total that's not too distant from our prices.

Apple have started listing the VAT & Duty component of prices on their website because of the confusion caused by global differences in taxes...

  Woolwell 11:07 14 Sep 2010


  wee eddie 12:51 14 Sep 2010

Traders will only charge what the Market will pay.

Unfortunately, it appears that us Brits are willing to pay more. If you don't wish to pay the asking price, don't buy that product, or make a lower offer.

  interzone55 13:50 14 Sep 2010

But as demonstrated, the price here is not higher than the US when you factor in VAT.

In many cases were people are shouting Rip-off Britain it is no such thing when you look at the whole picture.

Just like when the press shout long & hard about insane H&S policies when in truth it's just a petty official who's scared of insurance claims or about supposedly barmy EU legislation that doesn't actually exist...

  MAJ 17:39 14 Sep 2010

I was in England (Yorkshire) over the weekend, to attend a wedding. If you want to see rip-off Britain in action, try to eat and drink at an airport, I nearly 'collalapsed' (I'm still a little tipsy) at the prices.

  Forum Editor 18:16 14 Sep 2010

at a Service station on the M5 on Friday morning cost me the princely sum of £13:50.

The sandwiches were mediocre, the coffee wasn't too bad. All in all, I felt that I should have paid around £9 at most.

  sunnystaines 18:32 14 Sep 2010

get the wife to think about planning ahead, making you a lunchbox and flask of coffee and your savings would have been better, and the food better too. after a few trips the money saved you could take her out for a meal.

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