Another puzzle

  postie24 19:55 01 Jan 2007

Has anyone tried this one and worked outhow its done?
click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:05 01 Jan 2007

It is always the 'flower' design. Check all the numbers and whatever number you get will always be a flower.


  lisa02 20:07 01 Jan 2007

The symbols change round every time and the answer is always multiples of 9.

Try it again and look, every multiple of 9 has the same symbol.

Do it again and you'll see the symbols change round but multiples of 9 have the same ones.

  chocolate cake 20:09 01 Jan 2007

multiples of 9 but I see you got there before me.

  lisa02 20:11 01 Jan 2007

There's lots of them all based on the same thing... Plus I was taught it in high school all them years ago by my math teacher. Nothing new or exciting.

  justme 20:18 01 Jan 2007

Consider a two digit number as (10 x first number)+second number. Now subtract the first number and the second number and you will be left with (9 x first number). The answer is always the first number multiplied by nine.

This gives possible answers of 9,18,27,36,54,63,72,81.

Each of these numbers has the same symbol associated with it so there is only possible answer. No magic involved.

  justme 20:20 01 Jan 2007

2nd last sentence should read
'there is only one possible answer'

  hzhzhzhz 20:53 01 Jan 2007
  hzhzhzhz 21:18 01 Jan 2007

sorry postie24,I'm hijacking aren't I. :-(

  postie24 13:55 02 Jan 2007

Thats ok hzhzhzhz,i dont mind.Will have a go of your puzzle later


  The Brigadier 15:56 02 Jan 2007

Never good at maths but to compensate i was allowed to build & design things and then blow it up using expolisives. Shows the Military does have it's perks!!

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