Another policeman is murdered

  Spark6 23:38 12 Jun 2007

and, it would appear, two innocent people were stabbed.

Having watched the late evening news I am about to retire for the night feeling totally dismayed, frustrated, and wondering where we are headed in this country. To hell in a handcart? The thoughts I would like to express would not be condoned in this forum but I welcome your comments on what actions should be taken by those in responsible positions who are charged with the protection of the citizens of this country.

There, I've let off a little steam but I don't feel a lot better.

  beeuuem 00:20 13 Jun 2007

One thing they have just done is to allow policemen from other countries to come here and arrest you for actions taken in this country, which are not illegal in this country, and take you off for trial and sentencing. And there is not a thing anyone can do to stop them 'cos our masters have agreed that this will fight crime!
Protect us - they haven't the slightest idea.
What we need is protection from our own politicians.

  Nibblerman 00:22 13 Jun 2007

"Here" "Here"

  beeuuem 01:53 13 Jun 2007

click here

"Our own Prime Minister, who authorised our commitment to the European arrest warrant in the furtherance of European integration, could now be hoist by his own petard."

I couldn't possibly comment on that.

  picklsey 01:54 13 Jun 2007

my view is if you kill a police person you should get 40years no parole,and if the pc nutters don,t like it send them inside along with them.

  arris 07:09 13 Jun 2007

Everyone will wanna shoot me for saying this--but we should bring back hanging.

It won't ever happen though, will it?

Bloody do-gooders.

  interzone55 08:58 13 Jun 2007

It has been demonstrated many times that Captital Punishment is no deterrent, by far the vast majority of unlawful killings are not planned.

I very much doubt the person who killed this policemen set out to kill anyone, it was just an unfortunate set of circumstances that led to this terrible event. Now that's not to say that he shouldn't be punished very severely, I'm all for locking people who kill police and children up for the rest of their lives, but the death penalty is not the answer.

  mole44 09:11 13 Jun 2007

I live in Luton it was a great shock to us all.our thoght must go to the surviving relatives of that constables is not the time to be an armchar general and expert.i`m with alan14 100% on that subject.i go now to lower the flag on my house in tribute,it will stay thus till the day of the funeral.

  numskull 09:16 13 Jun 2007

Hanging may not be the answer but it does prevent keeping vermin (terrorists and murderers) at the tax payers expense. The current justice system in this country is an insult to the victims and their families.

  [email protected] 09:17 13 Jun 2007

Alan14 - How you can describe anyone at large in the community with an obviously lethal knife and using it to kill as "an unfortunate set of circumstances" beggars believe.

  arris 09:24 13 Jun 2007

I want revenge.. I want one less scumbag on the streets.. and I want justice for the victims families.

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