Another pier bites the dust

  Quickbeam 07:48 05 Oct 2010

click here Seaside piers are fast becoming an extinct architectural novelty. The end of the pier shows and all the cheesy tat that goes along with them are part of the very British seaside culture, but I'd hate to see it disappear.

  Bingalau 08:22 05 Oct 2010

Short of putting sentries out to guard them from arsonists, there's not a lot that can be done. It always seems to be arsonists who cause these conflagrations on piers and in school buildings overnight. Need I say the punishment when these yobo's are caught is never enough.

  interzone55 08:55 05 Oct 2010

To be totally honest, is there any need for these type of piers anymore?

Most seaside towns are dying because very few people are interested in the kind of slightly seedy entertainment on offer.

I visit Morecambe on a fairly regular basis and it's now basically your average run down town that happens to be on the coast. The front is dominated by closed shops, a B & M Bargains and the market, with Morrisons just behind.

The only thing it boasts is the fantastically redeveloped Midland Hotel, which does seem to be busy, but mainly with weddings...

  ella33 09:09 05 Oct 2010

A great shame seaside towns are not so popular. I must admit they are not great for entertainment these days but walks, fishing, even fossil hunting are still popular with many people. I still love walking on piers and fortunately those that I know are still intact but used mainly for fishing. I think many are old and would be expensive to replace.

Sad to hear about Hastings but it is years since I have been there. I have no idea how such a huge blaze could have occurred. It is known to be arson but I wonder how they managed to make it flame as it did in the picture. it hasn't been that warm or dry to make it easy.

  morddwyd 09:49 05 Oct 2010

"I wonder how they managed to make it flame as it did in the picture. it hasn't been that warm or dry to make it easy."

Remember that piers were built like the old sailing ships - bags of pitch and tar to preserve the wood.

  interzone55 09:58 05 Oct 2010

Pour a bit of petrol on an old wooden pier and drop a match and it'll soon flare up.

Also the flames look worse on the video because the cameras would have had trouble with the very bright flames and very dark sky at night, so the image is badly distorted...

  peter99co 13:02 05 Oct 2010

Police have been questioning two teenagers, aged 18 and 19 and both from St Leonards, on suspicion of arson.

Sounds about right. They really are bored at times.

I hope the sentence they get teaches them more respect for our heritage.

  Brumas 13:07 05 Oct 2010

Couldn't they utilise the sites for off-shore windfarms - it would keep them out of the countryside and really they would'nt spoil the view?

  interzone55 15:01 05 Oct 2010

nice idea, but they're not far enough out.

Off-shore windfarms are exponentially more expensive than on-shore, and they don't last as long.

I have a wind-farm close to my house, and most of the time I really don't notice it, they're painted a dull grey, the same colour as the lancashire skyline, and don't make a great deal of noise.

Seeing as the sheep still use the land to graze, they're also not disturbing the wildlife

  961 17:10 05 Oct 2010

How did this thing stretching out over the sea manage to bite the dust?

  interzone55 17:29 05 Oct 2010

Easy, it's made of wood, so it burns quite easily with the application of a few litres of unleaded.

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