Another one above the law?

  cream. 22:59 08 Apr 2009

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Thank goodness he has been found guilty. Lets hope the sentence fits the horrific tragedy that has been brought Hayley's family.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:16 08 Apr 2009

'The trial heard that the officer and a colleague had spent the morning before their night shift working as electricians, which they did regularly' I missing something here?


  Helen. 23:19 08 Apr 2009

A long custodial sentence should enforce police do not chase or race to minor infractions willy nilly.

Was the car's tax out of date or it's mot expired.

Is that worth a young persons life?

  (~oo~) 23:27 08 Apr 2009

PC " Dougal had been alerted to a suspicious number plate on a Renault Megane and set off in pursuit.

The court heard that the alert was mistaken and the Megane was being lawfully driven by a Czech national, Kalaman Galambos. He was travelling within the 30mph limit which, said Andrew Dallas, prosecuting, made the patrol car's speed even more unjustified."

  WhiteTruckMan 23:46 08 Apr 2009

'The trial heard that the officer and a colleague had spent the morning before their night shift working as electricians, which they did regularly' I missing something here?

Yes. Were I to do what these officers were doing then I would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law for contravening driving and working hours regulations(and rightly so, too). You cannot work these kinds of hours on a regular basis without your judgement becoming impaired, and if this officers superiors were aware of this state of affairs - something that I find difficult to believe that they weren't- then they too should be held criminally liable also for permitting such a situation.


  dan11 00:00 09 Apr 2009

Like most they like a bit of moonlighting.

One of our local firefighters has a daily job driving a school coach, fair enough.

He uses the fire departments vehicles to travels the 20miles daily to attend his moonlighting job.

So he has extra pay and doesn't have to pay expenses to and from the job and this is on a work day.

  Quickbeam 07:48 09 Apr 2009

Over the years I've witnessed some terrible driving by blue light drivers.

I find fire engine drivers are the best and most considerate to other road users when on a blue light.

Most, and I would say that is nigh on 90% of police and ambulance drivers, drive in a style of "I've got a blue light on... out of my way". No consideration for the fact that they still do not have an automatic right of way. The blue light is something to plead a case of priority, not to have cars scattering into dangerous road positions because the blue light driver is on an ego trip.

A little time for thought (seconds) would often have the emergency vehicle on it's way quicker if they read the road situation more accurately than bulldozing on through with lights and sirens flashing and wailing.

  newman35 08:02 09 Apr 2009

So this thread is deteriorating into a general 'let's knock 'em all' type of personal gripes about 'blue-light drivers'.

I have no sympathy for the orignal officer, duly convicted and awaiting sentence (as it should be), but to then go down the track of accusing others (90% according to Quickbeam) of being reckless is just plain silly.

Next time one of your family is having a heart attack or being attacked, let's hope you will be thinking "I really do hope the police/ambulance don't rush too much".
Get real, these people are well trained and do good work all the time, we only hear about it when a tragedy happens. How many 'blue-light' incidents are there in this country every day??

Perspective is a wonderful thing, we should try and use it.

  interzone55 08:26 09 Apr 2009

So, you've got a dual carriageway full of cars, vans & buses. It's rush hour, so the traffic isn't going anywhere.

At the other end of this road there's someone who's had a heart attack and you've got to get there, fast.

What do you do, calmly wait for the traffic to move, or barge your way through and force the cars out of the way.

I know if it were me on the floor about to expire I'd prefer the crew to take the latter course of action...

  Quickbeam 08:30 09 Apr 2009

"Over the years I've witnessed some terrible driving by blue light drivers." I'll see some more over the next week.

More haste, less speed holds very true after some of the predicaments I've seen blue light drivers get themselves into.

These drivers are trained to get through congested traffic with ease, all too often I see them drive themselves to a standstill by not reading the road as they were trained.

OK, I got carried away with my 90% statement... guilty.

  lofty29 09:32 09 Apr 2009

There are always a minority of morons in any walk of life, but I think the majority are careful, in this case the PC should be hammered, not because he was moonlighting, but because of gross carelessness, and this should apply to all similar situations, look how many drivers get a pathetic sentence when they have killed someone. Anyway how come they can work as electricians, I thought that these days you had to be registered, you are not supposed to even do work in your own house unless you are.

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