Another Oil Rig Explotion in the Gulf of Mexico

  Strawballs 22:43 02 Sep 2010

click here Nobody killed and it was not in production as it was undergoing maintanence

  Strawballs 22:44 02 Sep 2010

really must learn how to spell explosion

  Forum Editor 23:17 02 Sep 2010

and is very experienced in the offshore drilling business. This platform was in shallow water, and in the unlikely event that there was a spillage it would be a whole lot easier to deal with.

  michaelw 08:50 03 Sep 2010

I haven't heard Obama shouting and screaming yet.

  jack 09:38 03 Sep 2010

Or I should say - under

This weeks New Scientist- reports on a potential 'Oil Time bomb' from the many wrecks on the seabed from WW2-as they disintegrate thus releaing quantities of oil and other toxics
Highlighting various areas including the Gulf of Mexico, in addition to Truk Lagoon, and other site saround the globe.
Apparently a British tanker on the seabed off St Helena in the South Atlantic has started leaking.
Nearer home the SS R Montgomery lies in two halves in the Thames estuary full of High explosive munitions.

  morddwyd 09:54 03 Sep 2010

It's not just sunken ships with munitions.

In the days when we used the sea as a dustbin out of date, unstable or unwanted explosives were regularly dumped at sea, for hundreds of years, and normally only just outside the old three mile limit, in any water that was deep enough.

I have done many such trips, and when I say that we would sometimes do three trips a day you will realise we didn't go out very far.

I was just one bloke, on one coastal base, at one time in history!

  VCR97 19:23 03 Sep 2010

Some dumped ammo click here

  peter99co 19:44 03 Sep 2010

Didn't Glen Miller get hit by munitions being dropped in the channel?

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