Another nail in the PS3 coffin

  Kate B 23:59 23 Feb 2007

click here I'm afraid I think Sony has a bit of a lemon on its hands with the PS3. It's far too expensive in Europe compared to the prices of the Xbox 360 and the hugely successful Wii, it's much later on to the shelves, and I think it's backing the wrong next-gen DVD format with Blu-ray. Limited backward compatibility just seems like the most foolish of own goals for Sony.

What does everyone else think? Will it suddenly storm ahead and be a winner or is it going to be a turkey?

  WhiteTruckMan 00:05 24 Feb 2007

'Ah, So!' s all round, then!


  anskyber 00:15 24 Feb 2007

I made the glorious mistake of choosing the excellent Sony Betamax over the inferior rival VHS back in the tape days.

To be consistent I shall nail my colours to the mast and say I think Blu Ray will win out over HD DVD.

(walks off to find egg to throw in own face)

  Kev.Ifty 00:17 24 Feb 2007

When I got my PS2, I didn't worry too much about playing PS1 games on it. Perhaps the 'early adopters' will be content with having the latest Play Station, with the cachet that owning one may bring, and continue playing their PS2 games on their PS2.

I'm convinced it will be a hit.

Kev :-)

  Forum Editor 00:18 24 Feb 2007

I don't know, but it does seem to me that Sony has lost a good deal of its edge over the past few years. The company is simply too vast and too fragmented to function at the bleeding edge of consumer electronics technology.

Anyone who has worked for or with one of these giant international corporations knows only too well how they (the companies) tend to evolve into a series of almost autonomous territorial units, with powerful figures at their centres. The resulting parochialism stifles innovation and bogs down the whole gigantic machine.

Sony knows about all this, and the company has taken steps to set things right - they're trying to get all their development teams onto the same playing field, kicking towards the same goal. How successful that turns out to be remains to be seen, and they've created yet another fiefdom in the process. It will be a while, methinks, before we see any real progress.

  Kate B 00:20 24 Feb 2007

*passes egg to anskyber* Apparently the porn industry is leaning towards HD DVD click here which, if that does indeed come to pass, could be the decider as it was in the Betamax/VHS format war.

  [email protected] 00:24 24 Feb 2007

oh well i so much wanted one of the PS3's even been the ripe old age of 37,BUT not only doesnt it NOT play all the oldies games it will cost a hell of a lot more than other countries..dont we love been british eh...other's have taken note as well

click here

  [email protected] 01:14 24 Feb 2007

It amazes me that Sony have still not moved away from the design of the original dual shock controller first released on the PS One almost 10 years ago. It was a rushed addition to a controller optimized for 2D games yet they have still not changed the ludicrous position of the analogue sticks. Their fear of changing from an accepted design is holding back their new consoles.

However, I think it's too early to tell how well the PS3 will sell. I suspect once it drops to more realistic prices later this year and next, many people will continue to buy it because of the massive brand power that the Playstation has.

Personally though, I feel that the Wii and Xbox 360 deserve to win this round of the console war.

  rodriguez 02:07 24 Feb 2007

anskyber, my parents had a Video 2000 video recorder - that crazy one from Philips where you could record on both sides of the tape. Anyway, the PS3 price seems to be putting off a lot of people that I know. Some of them already have Xbox 360s and will be reluctant to get a PS3 on top. I don't know who will win out of Blu-ray and HD-DVD but LG have already cracked it by producing a machine that can play both. As far as I know, the PS3 can only play Blu-ray titles. The PS3 will need to rely on original games and gameplay for it to survive, as the Xbox 360 is already well underway. A few titles that are only available on PS3, but are still unique and better than other console's titles will do it a few favours. However now that the 360 and Wii are available for much less, the PS3 will need to work hard to sway consumers into buying it - especially with the ridiculous prices it's going to sell for in the UK.

  pc613 08:08 24 Feb 2007


bbc news 24 yesterday reported that Sony are removing the PS3 chip which allows you to play 98% of PS2 games because of cost. This only applies to Europe/Africa/Australia releases, and they will be using software emulation allowing you to play PS2 games but have not said how many games this will be. So not only will us and europe be paying a lot more the the machine than US/Japan but will be getting an inferior spec

  Forum Editor 08:16 24 Feb 2007

but recently treated himself to an XBox 360. He's very impressed, and says he's not interested in a PS3.

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