Another of my teen heros gone

  ventanas 11:13 19 Mar 2011

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But I never knew he had got an MBE

  morddwyd 11:26 19 Mar 2011

Might not have been the best guitarist in the world, or even in the Shadows, but he'll do for me.

Like Ventanas, another memory of happier days gone.

RIP Jet, and thanks for the pleasure.

  Chris the Ancient 11:32 19 Mar 2011

I'm also sad to see that he's died.

I well remember buying a record done by him when he paired up with Tony Meeham (?) called "Besame Mucho". I tried, quite often, and not as successfully, playing that on various guitars... including the bass.

I also didn't realise that he had earned an MBE.

  spuds 12:57 19 Mar 2011

If I remember correct, when he left the Shadows he had a very chequered history, but I didn't realise that he was still performing upto this this stage. Or that he was given a recent MBE. The newspapers seemed to have kept that quiet?.

  Quickbeam 13:12 19 Mar 2011

The Daily Express reported that he is thought to have bought the first electric bass in Britain and was certainly the first to use one in a touring band.

  Woolwell 14:25 19 Mar 2011

The Telegraph click here reports that he left the Shadows because his wife had an affair with Cliff Richard and he then began drinking heavily.

  Quickbeam 14:46 19 Mar 2011

"an affair with Cliff "
I'm shocked, was she the devil Woman sung about in later years?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:51 19 Mar 2011

I used to print his photos in the 90s. He was living in Gloucester at the time and decided to start photographing animals. A very unassuming and polite man. I also did many copies of original his B&W photos, taken in the 60s, with Jet and the likes of The Beatles, Stones etc.


  anchor 17:06 21 Mar 2011

It seems that Cliff Richard, (reckoned to be worth £40 million), refused to help financially with medical costs. Not a very Christian attitude.

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  wee eddie 17:41 21 Mar 2011

It struck me that their disagreement was still a very active proposition.

To blame either party, without knowing the context of the rift, would be unfair.

The fact that Jet did not contact Cliff may be taken that neither were willing to step down and if so, is it surprising that a Third Part was unable to clear the air.

I have read a little about Throat Cancer and, although the prognosis for those that catch it early is good, we have no idea of the Status of Jet's cancer, later identification is invariably fatal.

  Forum Editor 17:50 21 Mar 2011

for the best part of thirty years is unlikely to endear you to anyone.

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