Another Minister Bites the Dust

  jakimo 11:31 08 Jun 2009

Jane Kennedy,Farm Minister gets the sack for refusing to pledge her elegance to Brown.

There are now seven non elected ministers imported from the house of lords sitting in Browns cabinet,they are making policies & laws on our behalf,yet none were voted for by the electorate,Brown has made it clear that he has no confidence in anyone on the back benches being capable of filling a ministerial post.

There certainly does not seem do be any New Labour back bencher with the bottle to lead a rebellion for the change of leadership

  Stuartli 11:34 08 Jun 2009

Not very elegant of her...:-)

  dagnammit 11:45 08 Jun 2009

His days are numbered and these MPs are trying to distance themselves from the "Brown".

  jakimo 11:54 08 Jun 2009

Allegiance to Brown

  user8 12:01 08 Jun 2009

The longer Brown carries on the more damage is done to Labour.
The Tory's must be loving it!
Seeing Labour self-destruct with Brown at the helm!

  Quickbeam 13:25 08 Jun 2009

Does anyone know when the last time an apparently secure government imploded so quickly?

I can't think of one in my voting lifetime since '74 that's collapsed as this one is. I'm thinking Profumo which was before my time.

  Stuartli 14:40 08 Jun 2009

Labour has been struggling since 2007 when Brown forced his way into becoming PM - the fact that Blair had won three elections carried no weight.

What's more, if he had had the courage to hold a General Election when he became PM, Brown would still have two or three years left to attempt to put his party back on track.

  jakimo 12:43 09 Jun 2009

Has labour MPs learnt to love Gordon Brown?

After last nights private meeting of labour MPs an overall majority has pledged their support in return for his promise that he will be a good boy from now on and change his ways by listening to what the cabinet & backbenchers have to say about his policies.

So with just a handful telling him to go,and the rest following him like a flock of sheep,he has been given a reprieve and every one keeps their job for another year,or until the next crisis...what a shower

  Quickbeam 12:52 09 Jun 2009

They've learnt to love the income and are purely working out their time like a passed over civil servant that knows he's past any chance of a promotion...

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