Another Magazine Dies

  morddwyd 08:57 23 Aug 2011

Of limited interest to most users of this forum, but my wife has just had notification that the magazine "She" is ceasing publication.

This is a fairly popular and well known glossy which has been around for some years.

One wonders how many others of the many glossies, of perhaps more specialised readership, will find the recession, and the drop in advertising revenue, too much

  Crosstrainer2 09:02 23 Aug 2011

How much printed media do we collectively buy? It's sad, but the reality of the media is online.

This excludes those without access tom the Internet.

  Aitchbee 09:13 23 Aug 2011

I always 'chuckle' when I look at the magazine stand at my local supermarket or anywhere else, for that matter.The TV soaps' 'stars' have certainly taken over the shelf space.

  interzone55 10:57 23 Aug 2011

Here's a link to the sales of the top 271 magazines audited by ABC

I was quite stunned at how few copies some magazines sell, the Dandy is down to less than 7,500 an issue.

  Algerian peter 11:36 23 Aug 2011

When dispossable income shrinks and bills increase at an allarming rate you look at what you can cut back on. Magazines were the first to be dropped. I stopped my what car, HiFi and top gear magazines and my wife has stopped a couple of her craft ones. Most contain 25% of the same content in each one and have over 50% of advertising.

It is sad but you take the easy option when trying to balance your budget.

  Covergirl 13:05 23 Aug 2011


I was looking towards the bottom of that list for publications like they use on HIGNFY - you know, like Steel Girder Monthly or Superglue News - without much luck. Are they actually real magazines they use or just mock-ups?

  woodchip 13:36 23 Aug 2011

When You see PC Mags at £5 to £6 I think its time to call it a Day on buying them

  interzone55 15:23 23 Aug 2011


The magazines in Have I Got News For You are real, but they're limited circulation and don't use the wholesale newsagents like WH Smith & Menzies (the distributors, not the high street chains) that are required for the compilation of circulation figures.

I get a load of trade magazines at work that probably distribute less than 1,000 copies a month, but are kept alive by the advertising, which is very carefully targeted in these types of magazines, so is relatively expensive.

A magazine with 10,000 sales to the general public would sell a full page for say £1,000, but a magazine with 1,000 sales to a specific market could sell the same page for £2,000 because they can be certain the ad is reaching their target market.

  Al94 16:02 23 Aug 2011

Can't remember when I last bought a magazine, several years now. Over priced and full of advertising, quite irrelevant in today's world.

  Armchair 16:24 23 Aug 2011

Since I bought this PC and got online properly (in early 2003), I've only bought one magazine (an edition of What Car?, in 2008).

  ams4127 19:40 23 Aug 2011

For those using an iPad, getting the magazine via the Zinio app is cheaper than the printed copy. I get PCA and a few others that way and save about £6/month. That's not counting the possible fuel cost of getting to the shops.

I'm sure there must be the same, or similar, available for Android devices.

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