Another IT shock horror news story

  jack 20:18 03 Sep 2004

Is therespecialist out there sending out a weekly 'shock horror' news bulletin
of IT misdemeanors one wonders?
Last week we had idle civil servants downloading pornography.

This week we have cast equipment full of potentially sensitive data findings
its way to second hand dealers.

Whose responsibility is it to ensure the data security of an organization?
Why when a company installed new kit, is the old kit not neutralized before it leaves the premises?
Whilst maybe the average user may not be aware that the delete button deletes nothing at all.
The person in control of the IT function should surely.
Certainly, the IT contractor should have the security of his clients' data in mind,
indeed, it is highly likely said contractor has signed a confidentially agreement.
So, is this another light news piece to fill the space/airtime?
When a Helproom member asked abut clearing his data from a drive I suggested
[in a light hearted frame of mind] the ideal solution would be a 'Toffee Hammer'


  Al94 21:10 03 Sep 2004

Jack, you're not far off the mark there. The compani I used to work for made sure tha hrad drives of old pc's were physically destroyed before they left the premises. Only way to be safe.

  Al94 21:15 03 Sep 2004

I cant believe the typos, must have been the second bottle of red!

  Valvegrid 21:20 03 Sep 2004

Good grief! I had to use a 4lb club hammer to smash a drive with sensitive data on it. I couldn't' believe how tough they are.

  jack 08:27 04 Sep 2004

Trypo's isme best subgect
espishially imnfront of an elctronic tripewriter

  Sapins 08:42 04 Sep 2004

Looks like the third bottle sorted it ;-)

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