another good big brother video

  sunny staines 08:57 16 Aug 2008

i found it addictive to listen and could not switch off cover loads of different topics i did not agree with some and others had me thinking.

its over 2 hours so pick a night when you cannot sleep. its david icke but does not come across as mad as i thought he was from reading the papers.

click here

an eye opener re david davis and the the lady that runs liberty.

post you comments

  sunny staines 09:23 16 Aug 2008

i'm of on hols now back in a week, some may have viewed the vid by then.

  Forum Editor 09:39 16 Aug 2008

but does not come across as mad"

Yes it does.

  egapup 09:53 16 Aug 2008

No it doesn't.

  Forum Editor 10:51 16 Aug 2008

I met David Icke about ten years ago, and it took me about ten minutes to realise that I was with someone who had little connection with reality. This is the man who once claimed to be the son of God, and the man who believes that many prominent people (including the singer, Boxcar Willie) are members of a reptilian race from out space who

"walk erect and appear to be human, living not only on the planets they come from, but also in caverns and tunnels under the earth. They have cross-bred with humans, which has created "hybrids" who are "possessed" by the full-blooded reptilians. The reptiles' hybrid reptilian-human DNA allows them to change from reptilian to human form if they consume human blood."

According to Icke the the Dutch royal family are "big time reptilian shapeshifters", the Queen is one of these life-forms, and so are the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, Hillary Clinton, and Tony Blair, among many others.

He makes constant references to 'The Illuminati' and 'The Brotherhood', which always goes down well with those who like to think that our world is secretly being run by a secret society of some kind. David Taylor of the Green party sums Icke up very well:

"A lot of people feel that world events are spiraling out of control and are looking for someone to blame. Icke combines
conspiracy theories with a lot of Green politics and New Age ideas. It's a potentially lethal cocktail."

Icke stood in a by election this year and received 110 votes, which is about right for someone who would not be of any use to anyone as an MP.

  wolfie3000 23:12 16 Aug 2008

Ok now i know David Icke has his critics but i like the guy,

Hes not afraid to speak his mind, whether you think he is right or wrong.

People like David Icke and others should not feel ashamed for what they believe in, hes not harming anyone.

I have the right to stand in the middle of a busy city and proclaim an orange is an apple,
You may think im mad for doing it but its my right to do that without being made to feel im doing wrong.

This world would be a sad place without people like David Icke.

To be honest this world needs more David Ickes.

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