Another Election

  morddwyd 20:38 19 May 2010

I've just received voting papers for my local NHS health board (is this a local thing, or has everybody got them?).

One of the candidates tells me he has been involved in management for many tears and is used to setting and achieving targets.

Another says he wants to cut down on managers in the NHS and get more nurses.

I know it's not quite that simple, but there's really no contest is there?

  bri-an 21:20 19 May 2010

Got mine as well, 70 candidates for 10 seats.

And the system is that you can rank ALL 70 candidates in your prefered order.
Which will make it a nightmare to count!!

The largest number of candidates seem to be retired managers (often newly moved in to our region) and former councillors, recently ousted.

Cynic I may be, but ' a nice little retirement earner' keeps springing to mind!!

  Woolwell 22:19 19 May 2010

As far as I can find it's local - well 2 Boards in Scotland. click here

I don't think that we in England have Health Boards but Health Authorities instead.

  Bingalau 23:36 19 May 2010

Hope there's not too many tears from the losers!

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