Another Earthquake hits the Uk tonight.

  birdface 22:34 03 Jan 2011

Another Earthquake hit leeds tonight measuring 3.7 or 8 on the richter scale.

  birdface 22:35 03 Jan 2011

Opps forgot to post.

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  birdface 22:58 03 Jan 2011

Makes you wonder where next.
It was further north last week.
So if moving south or south east where will it hit next week.

Not sure whats happening in the world today.
Also birds droping dead from the sky in America.
And over 100.000 fish found dead in an Arkansas river.
Massive floods in Australia.
As the chap in Dads Army say's Are we all Doomed.

  Forum Editor 23:55 03 Jan 2011

They are caused by movements in the underlying tectonic plates - either by plates moving relative to each other, as in the case of the San Andreas fault in California, or by faults in a continental plate easing slightly from time to time.

In our case it's the latter - Britain sits bang in the middle of the Eurasian continental plate, and that's moving very slowly in an Easterly direction. Stresses deep in the plate build up until the rock suddenly shifts slightly, causing an earth tremor. In our case the faults are between 15 and 30 miles down, but elsewhere in the world they go much deeper, especially if an oceanic plate is diving under the edge of a continental plate.

It might surprise you to know that in this country we get an earthquake once a week on average, but most of them are so slight that they go unnoticed. Bigger ones come about every fifteen years or so, but of course it's possible for them to come in groups over a few weeks or months.

In areas where there are disused coalmines underground there can be small earth tremors as old workings collapse, but these are usually hardly noticeable.

  tullie 01:39 04 Jan 2011

This is where it was reported by the BBC click here

  birdface 13:25 04 Jan 2011

It always seems to be minor earthquakes that we get in the Uk.
Has there ever been a larger one around the 7.0 margin.
I can't think of one off hand just wondering if any of you can remember any.

  birdface 13:33 04 Jan 2011

Found this one at 5.2.
click here
Anybody remember any bigger ones.

  Forum Editor 13:54 04 Jan 2011

There's no record of an earthquake of that magnitude occurring in the UK, but of course it may well have happened before any written records were kept.

The two biggest earthquakes that appear in written records were both under the straits of Dover - in 1382 and 1580. Both of these events were recorded by contemporary writers, but of course there was no way to measure the scale in those days. The more significant of the two was the 1580 quake which is estimated to have been around 5.9 on the scale. It caused significant damage to buildings on both sides of the channel, and was felt as far away as London. Its epicentre was around 25 kilometres into the crust.

The 1382 event was less severe, but still quite powerful - peopled panicked and buildings were badly shaken.

Both of these events were studied when plans for the Channel Tunnel were being prepared. Earthquakes of that magnitude are estimated to occur once every 200 years or so on average, so another one may be due any day. The tunnel has been constructed to resist it when/if it comes; the lining has an estimated working life of 120 years.

In more modern times it has been possible to record earthquakes more accurately, and undoubtedly the biggest one recorded that way was in 1931, when an earthquake under Great Yarmouth was of a 6.1 magnitude. It was felt all over the UK, and extensive damage was caused over a fairly wide area. A quake of this magnitude is a very powerful thing indeed - equivalent to just under a million tons of TNT exploding.

There are fears amongst experts that the faults in the continental plate on which the UK sits are becoming more active, and further powerful quakes might occur. We're well away from the plate margins, where most of the seismic activity occurs, but you never know....

  Forum Editor 13:59 04 Jan 2011

A few of us were in the forum when that earthquake occurred. I felt it in London, and various people posted to say they had also experienced shaking desks etc.

  Forum Editor 14:01 04 Jan 2011

I'll move it over now.

  peter99co 14:33 04 Jan 2011

I remember in 1957 one that shook me up. I was in Nottingham at the time. Made the whole house shake for 5 or so seconds.

This was it. Biggest in my life so far.

February 11, 1957 Derby 5.3 Felt across central England

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