Another Carry On Film?

  peter99co 10:50 06 Mar 2011

Earlier, the MoD had confirmed Scottish troops were on standby to assist with humanitarian and evacuation operations in Libya.

The Black Watch, 3rd Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, is on a routine deployment notice of 24 hours at an RAF base in Wiltshire.

I get a feeling this could be another version of Carry On Up The Kyber, as long as they wear their kilts!

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  GANDALF <|:-)> 11:20 06 Mar 2011

I am positive that this has nothing to do with oil and gas and has everything to do with the populace.


  sunnystaines 12:12 06 Mar 2011

the rebel rag tag army,are far from being pro west,they get their motivation from the mosque's many are veterans of fighting the west in afghanistan and iraq.

there is still a even chance the libyian govt could take back the towns one by one leaving the UK very red faced and out of future trade deals.

the other pro western states out there will not be impressed either wondering if Great Britian will also assist rebels in their kingdoms too.

for once o barma is right keeping quiet, cameron should do so too.

  spuds 13:00 06 Mar 2011

I am beginning to think this is all a plot by Al-Queda. And Gaddaffi seems to think that as well.

When all our troops are out fighting Arabic wars, and the MOD have managed to sell off, de-commission all our artillery, plus reduce troop numbers. Then an easy internal invasion might be possible?.

  Forum Editor 14:01 06 Mar 2011

by Al-Queda. And Gaddaffi seems to think that as well."

Gadaffi is mentally unbalanced. I wouldn't dream of suggesting that anyone else who shares his opinion is similarly challenged; let's just say he's saying that because he wants people to panic at the very sound of the words 'Al Qaeda'

It seems to be working in some quarters.

  spuds 14:57 06 Mar 2011

The British Government and possibly its representatives didn't think (or say) Gadaffi was apparently mentally unbalanced, when they were doing deals with him. Possibly a difficult person, but not mentally unbalanced. Media reports and press photographs seemed to have painted a very different picture, including not all that very long ago.

Strange how government views change (Iraq?) when essential commodities and people are involved. Note Gandalf's comments.

But then again,some people seemed to have had different views about Saddam, before and after the events?.

  Forum Editor 15:31 06 Mar 2011

Gadaffi was the leader of a sovereign state when the British government (and some others) did deals with him. In fact, technically he's still the leader of a sovereign state.

When you are conducting diplomatic negotiations with a country you don't go around denouncing its leader as mentally unbalanced. I'm sure that British diplomats and politicians had their private views, but that's not the point. In diplomacy you deal with the state, rather than the personality.

I have no doubt that British government representatives are still conducting discussions with Libyan government officials, and that will continue.

  Strawballs 15:41 06 Mar 2011

carry on up the kyber was the 3rd foot and mouth regiment.

  spuds 16:05 06 Mar 2011

I am fully aware about diplomatic relations, as know doubt many of the other forum members are as well.

Regarding a leader of the (any) country takes enormous skills and perhaps bravado, and being mentally unbalanced isn't one of them. But at times of stress, it might help a little?.

His comments about "His people loving him" was met by scorn from many, especially those in the Western World. But I wonder how many of those same people can say, that there is someone out there holding an AK47 or similar armament, as a show of loyalty and perhaps love for them?.

With reference to your last paragraph. If todays early media reports are correct, then a 'junior' representative of HMG was captured, as was a number of SAS officer's, who where en-route in trying to form of an arrangement with the 'rebels'.

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