Another ban on the way??

  DANZIG 09:27 04 Feb 2008

Just watching 'The Wright Stuff' and they are discussing the possibility that cars that do less than 35mpg may be banned.

On the face of it it may be a good idea, but what has got me is that it seems that every other week, the powers that be come up with something else to ban.

My suggestion is to make banning things illegal.

Also it would appear that Cows produce more greenhouse gas than cars - we going to ban them next and have a massive cull??

  Quickbeam 10:11 04 Feb 2008

That could be the impetus that moves us away from burning oil... as long as you can have a muscle car doing 200mph for 2 mpg there will be someone that wants it, and another 1000 that aspire to it.

Do we really expect to burn oil until the end of this century to fetch a pint of milk, and transport kids to and from a school less than a mile away?

  babybell 10:26 04 Feb 2008

Wouldn't put it past the Government to introduce a Cow Tax for Farmers soon.

  Cymro. 11:06 04 Feb 2008

As things are now they put extra road tax on big gas guzzling 4x4s so as to try and discourage them and so reduce traffic pollution.

The problem I have with such an approach is that the wealthier motorists can well afford to pay the extra road tax and so just pay up and continue to pollute our city centers etc.

If they manage to reduce the number of cars who do less than 35mpg it would be a much fairer way of reducing pollution as it would affect all road users.

To try to ration something by extra taxation, be it pollution or whatever, will never be a fair way of doing things, as the wealthy will just pay the tax and go on polluting.

  interzone55 13:11 04 Feb 2008

This ban was proposed by Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, a former chairman of Shell, it is not on the cards to be law anytime soon. And I don't think it ever will be.
click here

There is an EU proposal that the average economy of a manufacturers cars should be above a certain level, but Angela Merkel kicked off about it, because it would unfairly impact on german manufacturers, because Mercedes & Porsche don't make small cars.

  sunny staines 13:47 04 Feb 2008

you wait to mr brown bans free use of internet without a licence a £100 PER household to access the net and 10p email tax.

now seriously we need to tax people with more than one home that is not permanently occupied it might free up a lot of empty homes annual fee of £1000 might help. too many people have bought homes as an investment and leaving them empty when so many people cannot get on the market.

  Stuartli 14:40 04 Feb 2008

There is a disturbing level of antagonism towards 4x4 vehicles, seemingly based on ill-conceived knowledge and envy.

Most 4x4s take up little, if any, more "footprint" on the roads than a Mondeo or similar vehicle and emit similar levels of emissions, or even less, than the big luxury models from Mercedes, Bentley, Rolls-Royce etc.

  hssutton 14:48 04 Feb 2008

Couldn't agree more Stuartli, probably the women on the school run give 4 x 4s a bad name. I see this daily at the local school just 400yds away

  Cymro. 15:40 04 Feb 2008

So do you think there should be no extra taxation on such vehicles then?
They have a much bigger carbon footprint than cars that do 35 mph.

  sl2 15:46 04 Feb 2008

Stuartli hits the hammer RIGHT on the nail, ive got a friend who owns one of these click here & its HUGE but he pays normal car tax..?? without taking the thread away from its point i also agree with "
DANZIG" when he states "but what has got me is that it seems that every other week, the powers that be come up with something else to ban" its all about TAX TAX TAX the goverments money mad, they should be a individual company brought in to monitor where all the money's are going,But like is stated its every other week the govement has a "Money Spinning"idea thats not to say some of them needed to be enforced but some of them are just silly & obvious there racketeering from them.

  Totally-braindead 16:00 04 Feb 2008

Do bans really work anyway?

It seems to me anytime there is some sort of problem the answer is either to ban it or to tax it.

What about some other ideas? How about giving the car manufacturers some sort of incentive to build more fuel efficient engines. Or perhaps limit the size of engine allowed. Banning them altogether seems to me to be a really daft idea.

I'm sure if you sit down and think about it there must be something else that can be done other than increasing tax or banning it. This will never come to pass but just say it did happen and things changed very little what would come next? Banning all cars above 1000cc, making people drive electric vehicles.

Once you start going down the road of banning a particular vehicle whats to say they won't just carry it on to the ultimate conclusion?

I have to admit that most of the people I see driving these big 4x4 gas guzzlers have no reason to have one. I mean by this they don't live in the country or go off road or go on farm tracks or anything that needs a big motor like this. Why not encourage people as another idea to move from their big motors, give them some sort of subsidy if they get rid of it and move to a more economic form of transport. It did used to be that if you needed a lot of space in a vehicle you had no real choice in the matter and had to buy something like this but look at all the people carriers there are about now for example. And some of them are a lot more economical than even older standard cars.

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