Annual Return Late Filing Penalty

  PalaeoBill 12:04 12 May 2007

My bad memory has just cost me £100. For the second time in twelve years I have forgotten to file the companies annual return. It is entirely my fault; I accept that. The system sucks none the less.

Each year I, and all other company secretaries, are legally bound to inform Companies House who the directors and share holders of the company are. In most cases it is merely a confirmation that the information they already hold is unchanged. It takes a few mouse clicks to do on-line and costs £15. Nice little earner.

The notice to file was sent to me weeks before the earliest date I was allowed to file. So the letter ended up in my intray and I forgot it. The one month period after the year end in which you are allowed to file slipped past. Now I will be fined.

Why is the notice to file not sent in the period you are allowed to file?
Why, if banks can be attacked for excessive charges, is a £100 fine for late filing acceptable? It cannot cost that much to automate the posting of a late filing letter.

One annoyed, embarrassed and feeling sorry for himself old git!

  €dstowe 12:07 12 May 2007

You obviously have a computer. Well, there are numerous diary and reminder programs available that will help you avoid this happening.

  PalaeoBill 12:23 12 May 2007

'You obviously have a computer...'

Strangely alot of people have said that to me. Most recently my wife, about 5 minutes ago and 5 minutes before that, and 5 minutes before that ....
You don't need to rub it it. I will not do it again. I'm still mad though!

  Kate B 12:48 12 May 2007

The system doesn't suck - your memory does. And £15 is a reasonable admin charge: it costs a lot to maintain that infrastructure and to provide you with a simple way of doing it online.

The £100 is a punitive charge - it's meant to hurt. I'm sorry, I think it's a bit pathetic to moan about "the system" when what you really need to do is be more organised about a reasonably straightforward admin task.

  Forum Editor 13:29 12 May 2007

that you realise you were at fault, but apart from being irritated with yourself you don't really have any cause for complaint.

I don't think the system sucks - it's been devised to cope with human nature, and nothing focuses the mind better than a stinging fine.

  PalaeoBill 17:18 12 May 2007

That's me told then!

  Monoux 17:27 12 May 2007

"nothing focuses the mind better than a stinging fine."-- Whilst I agree with this sentiment its a bit rich when a basic fine for speeding
( which could obviously result in someone being injured or worse) is a lot less than the £100.00 for not sending in a bit of paper or completing an on line form. Even the fines I see in my local paper for assault are less

  PalaeoBill 17:33 12 May 2007

Thanks Monoux
I did think Kate B was being a bit harsh, right but harsh.

  Monoux 17:41 12 May 2007

PalaeoBill-- no problem. KateBs style is often very harsh and high handed when she doesn't agree with something. But if you get harsh with her she doesn't like it and usually, it seems to me, to have a powerful knight in shining armour who rides to her rescue on most occasions

  oresome 18:44 12 May 2007

I agree with the point about getting reminders too early.

My daughter got her road fund licence reminder earlier this week, but can't renew online until sometime next week, by which time she'll have forgotten.........and she's only 26.

  Snec 23:12 12 May 2007

Reminders that are too early by several weeks are not very helpful and I do wonder if the organisation responsible for sending them so early are *banking* on that.

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