Sic 19:57 20 Aug 2007

I am getting rather annoyed at being effectivley called stupid by the FE and then having the proverbial phone slammed down (thread locked) before been given a chance to answer.

In an earlier thread i questioned the FE's stance that, and i quote "nobody should buy prescription drugs via the internet, it's a stupid thing to do"

My thread was highlighting that i buy prescription drugs online (so i must be stupid?!), last time via Boots Online who are nearly a pound a tablet cheaper than their high street stores for the anti-malarial drug Malarone. I use British based companies who are reputable and registered to sell prescription drugs. You have to scan and send them your prescription.

I thought very carefully about what was said, someone asking for advice on where to buy prescription drugs online should be directed towards Boots Online et al and warned off the various dodgy sites that sell various fake drugs.
So i did not appreciate your second dig "I'm surprised you didn't bother to think it through before posting this thread. "

Rather than erecting a virtual wall of silence around the subject it would be of benefit to allow people to discuss the pitfalls of unlicensed online retailers versus the genuine online retailers where you can save circa 25% on high street prices.

Though what has really irked me is this new habit of finnishing a thread with a put down and then locking it to ensure that nobody has the audacity to question your (in this case wrong) argument.

  Sic 19:59 20 Aug 2007

To answer what may be on some peoples minds, the reason i have posted this as a thread rather than an Email to Peter is because i wish to have the grace of reply that i was not allowed on my original thread.

  wee eddie 20:37 20 Aug 2007

What I don't think that you understand is that FE has totally responsibility for the content of this Forum.

If he decides that a thread is unsuitable. That's it.

His decision, his prerogative and our backing

  anskyber 20:58 20 Aug 2007

Notwithstanding the absolute rights of the FE which I for one fully accept, on the point I think you may be confusing one thing with another.

I read the original thread in Consumerwatch and your subsequent locked thread. The CW thread did link to a site which was willing to provide prescription drugs for sale. Totally inappropriate, and encouraging self diagnosis and treatment.

Your point may be different but it is very clear the FE acted correctly on this issue. Just live with it.

  Kate B 20:59 20 Aug 2007

There's probably also a liability issue for PCA if members post links to dodgy online pharmacies.

  4gig 21:10 20 Aug 2007

"His decision, his prerogative and our backing" !

You mean your backing, again.
If you don't mind I prefer to always speak for myself.

Looking at both side of the tablet throwing , I've decided that I don't really care for this topic.

However, nice forum manners are always good to see!

  Sic 21:57 20 Aug 2007

'His decision, his prerogative and our backing'

'our' backing? To quote my mother, if he told you to jump off a cliff would you do it? Well apparently yes would be your answer, yes sir.

  Sic 21:59 20 Aug 2007

Please read my post again regarding my view of dodgy sites and people using them, im talking about a crass and factually incorrect statement:

"nobody should buy prescription drugs via the internet, it's a stupid thing to do"

If you cannot recognise that statement is wholly incorrect i give up.

  Totally-braindead 22:13 20 Aug 2007

Sorry but I disagree with you, buying prescription drugs via the internet is in my opinion at least very risky, you don't know what you are buying. Now admitadly in the case of Boots online that worry is away in that with a reputable firm like that you will get the correct item. But drugs are on prescription for a reason and we all know theres some dodgy characters out there who would quite happily rip you off sending you something that might look like the drug you want but isn't.
I realise you think it isn't stupid but I also realise why the FE made the comment he did.
I think its stupid too. Sorry not intending to be offensive but prescription drugs are the one thing I would not buy from the net as in many cases you would not know what you were getting.

  anskyber 22:46 20 Aug 2007

You really are guilty of using a quotation selectively. In isolation you may be entitled to say your intention was honourable to buy drugs for which you has been prescribed.

The comment you quote must be read in the context of the whole post where it was said

"The online pharmacy in the link posted in the thread you referred to is not Boots, or anything like it, it's a website that will supply you with more or less any prescription drug on demand, without any proper check as to whether you should be taking it." Hence the later statement you mention.

You are very confused it seems.

  Forum Editor 23:30 20 Aug 2007

about being 'effectively called stupid'? Either you are called stupid, or you're not, and I see no indication that you were - not by me at any rate - so please don't put your own construction on what I say.

Despite your determination to make it appear otherwise, I'm sure you know perfectly well what I meant by my "nobody should buy prescription drugs via the internet, it's a stupid thing to do" comment. Prescription drugs are those which cannot be obtained in this country without a doctor's prescription. The site that was linked to in the thread to which you alluded sells prescription drugs to anyone who cares to add them to their shopping cart, there's no checking procedure whatsoever.

I'm not entering into a public squabble about this - we do not recommend online pharmacies to anyone.

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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