Anniversary of VJ Day

  anchor 11:29 15 Aug 2006

I wonder how many of us remember the 15th August 1945?. This was the day that WW2 finally ended, with the surrender of Japan.

I was not very old, but still recall the public rejoicing. For me personally, it meant that my Father could return home from the far East.

It seems that it does not merit even the smallest mention in the papers or on the radio.

  anskyber 11:37 15 Aug 2006

I think this is very similar in style to another thread I think you began earlier this year which prompted a large number of responses.

To be honest no I do not remember, but the my view is we should have an all embracing "memorial day" for all such events rather than specific ones for individual events.

  anskyber 11:39 15 Aug 2006

The thread I had in mind click here

  anchor 11:51 15 Aug 2006

anskyber: of course I remember my previous thread in May.

Perhaps this anniversary is more poignant to me because because it meant my Father could come home after 3 years of absence. To a young boy this was something of great importance.

  anskyber 11:53 15 Aug 2006

Indeed as someone whose Father was away on aircraft carriers for long spells at a time I fully endorse your sentiments.

  zekea 12:11 15 Aug 2006

It's with even more saddness that it took to "H" bombs to make the Japanese surrender.

But without them they would have tried to fight on. And the killing of innocent P.O.W's would have carried on.

  zekea 12:11 15 Aug 2006

Soory that should read two & not to in my post above.

  Forum Editor 17:40 15 Aug 2006

paused to remember past events today, and that's probably how it should be, isn't it? Private remembrances can be just as powerful, and certainly as valid as public ones.

There must surely come a time after any conflict, no matter how violent or universal, when collective acts of remembrance are allowed to fade away. A new generation has grown in the intervening years, and they have no direct contact with World War II - their parents were too young to remember it. For them, it's something they've heard of, but don't remember, and that's the way life is.

  HondaMan 22:09 15 Aug 2006

I thought that was what the Festival of Remembrance was about

  anskyber 22:40 15 Aug 2006

9/11 or 7/7 is not in there or other such things that people choose to remember.

  jakimo 23:16 15 Aug 2006

My fathers best friend, a broken man when he was released in 1945 from a Japanese POW camp, sadly he died within months of returning to the UK

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