Annie Border Collie is missing.

  colberly 15:39 04 Jul 2007

I do know this is a PC forum but the owners are desperate to find her. Search parties are out near to the place she went missing on 27th June. It is just that maybe someone on here may live around the area and could help.
Her details are posted on Dog Lost click here
Please at least read the details.

  crosstrainer 16:42 04 Jul 2007

I cycle the Taff trail regularly, will keep my eyes open...Good luck

  colberly 16:45 04 Jul 2007

Thank you so much. If she is found I will post here.

  Si_L 21:23 05 Jul 2007

It says she is chipped and tagged. Can she not be picked up on GPS or do the chips not do that?

  Kev.Ifty 22:25 05 Jul 2007

I wish you luck.

I know one can attach a great deal of emotion to a daft ole Dog.


  Kate B 22:27 05 Jul 2007

What a good idea, Si_L - I wonder if you could build some kind of GPS-readable tracking into microchips.

Hope the pooch reappears - as Kev says, you do love your pets *casts loving glance at fat snoring cat*

  Woolwell 22:30 05 Jul 2007

A chip carries a number. The chip is put in under the skin and can be read by a scanner. A database is kept of numbers and which pet. It is a good way of identifying strays and lost animals but doesn't help you find them.

Collies are one of the brightest breeds.

  Kev.Ifty 22:47 05 Jul 2007

Perhaps there's a good article in that?

Maybe you could use you're influence to get a GPRS device for pets made. lol

  Si_L 22:47 05 Jul 2007

Let me assure you I am not smart enough to come up with an idea like that. I'm pretty sure it already exists! If it doesn't, I'm patenting it!

  Si_L 22:49 05 Jul 2007

click here

Dammit - a fortune snatched from under my nose...

  crosstrainer 06:53 06 Jul 2007

Does your cat really snore? I've known dogs that do, but never a cat!

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