Anne Robinson got it wrong

  DANZIG 17:51 20 Jun 2008

Just seen on 'The Weakest Link' Anne Robinson ask the question "The A1 nearly follows the route of which 3 word ancient causeway".

The guy answered "The Fosse Way"..

Anne says "No. The Great North Road"..

Now, this may seem picky but isn't 'The Great North Road' four words?????

I reckon its a conspiracy, the guy who got it 'wrong' is from Huddersfield where I

Anyway, he's down to the last three now so it might not hurt his chances that much.

  DANZIG 17:58 20 Jun 2008

Yah boo sucks to Anne anyway.

He's just won.....!

  jakimo 18:04 20 Jun 2008

you must be mistaken,Anne never gets it wrong.....well thats what the lovely lady always claims.

  Forum Editor 00:09 21 Jun 2008

'Great North Road'
although I might have been tempted to try 'Old North Road' to see what Anne said.

  Starfox 00:59 21 Jun 2008

Us Huddersfield folk have to stick together!

You a Terrier by any chance DANZIG?

  Quickbeam 01:26 21 Jun 2008

when you drive south on the A1 the sun is continually to the left, the right, in your eyes, because you go from town to town via the various town bypasses built in the '60s... Vs the M1, which was planned from scratch as a main north bound route out of London, in a basically straight line.

As an anorak, it's close to my heart as I live on a town on 'The great North Road', Doncaster, a good Roman settlement... not many Romans about now y'know.

  Acx 02:11 21 Jun 2008

I would of got that wrong.

I had only ever heard of Erime Street click here and that would proberby of been my answer (yes I know its only two words).

Interesing to see that in the link I gave above, under 'The alternative course of Ermine Street'
it says
'this road formed what for many later centuries became
'the Great North Road' (lower case 'the')
The Great North Road (capital 'The')

I'm rubbish at English and you can all point this out if you wish, but she could be right!

  DANZIG 08:10 21 Jun 2008

My point is that you don't call it just 'A1', you say 'The A1' - two words.

So that means you wouldn't just say 'Great North Road', you would say 'The Great North Road' - four words.

Things like this don't normally niggle me, but I was just thinking if I'd been in his position, I would have been complaining like mad. I'm not a Terrier - at the risk of sounding like a stuffy old stick in the mud, I have no interest in football whatsoever..

  Forum Editor 08:14 21 Jun 2008

Doncaster - that word brings back childhood memories. I once lived on an RAF base nearby (Lindholme), and went to Thorne Grammar School.

  Quickbeam 08:37 21 Jun 2008

The houses going out of Doncaster to the north have the address house No, 'Great North road', with the 'The' dropped.

  Quickbeam 08:38 21 Jun 2008

Were there any Romans in your class...?

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