Andy Coulson detained

  johndrew 16:29 30 May 2012

I have a slight confusion with this case.

The reported details.

UK legal systems.

Given that Scotland has a different legal system to England which causes a Police Officer from one not having powers in the other, how can Scottish Police 'detain' and remove Coulson from England to Scotland?

I am aware he was not formally arrested by Met. Police, but 'detention' is the prevention of free movement which is what the Strathclyde Police enforced. The fact that a Scottish authority may have wanted him for questioning 'on suspicion' of an offence which is also an offence in English Law is immaterial to the detention/arrest until he is charged. Surely a formal warrant should have been produced in Scotland and approved by an English court to allow this action. Unless of course the voluntarily chose to be detained and transported into Scotland by Strathclyde Police.

Does anyone have any clarification on this?

  john bunyan 16:42 30 May 2012

Here are the rules. They can cross borders.

Police powers

  Aitchbee 17:13 30 May 2012

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  spuds 17:32 30 May 2012

The thing that I find strange at the moment, is why seven Strathclyde police turned up at this person's door just after 6am. And then it would seem he had to undertake an escorted lengthy road journey back to Scotland?.

Surely a joint venture between the English and Scottish police would have been sufficient, as would a simple quick plane journey with possibly one or two escorting officer's?.

  bremner 17:46 30 May 2012

The responsibility and more importantly cost must be borne by the Scottish force, much easier to send them down and let them escort the detained person back. There must have been a good operational reason why seven officers were employed.

  Aitchbee 17:55 30 May 2012

spuds ...yesterday while waiting for my bus, I noticed two young (18-19 year old) uniformed policemen give an elderly gentleman in a covered mobility vehicle a verbal warning for some misdemeanor which may have been trivial, and then a written 'slap in the face' also.

I pointed this out to a chap who was also waiting for the bus, and he said that he got fined 50 quid for illegally throwing away a cigarette butt.

Coulson may have done something wrong.

  Condom 19:28 30 May 2012

In England when the police wish to hold you they normally arrest you. E.g. if you are stopped for drink driving the police arrest you after failing the breathalyser test and take you to the police station for the proper test.

In Scotland the police do not formally arrest you for many things but detain you. There is a legal difference but in practice it has much the same effect. I must say I am also wondering why it took 7 police officers to escort him back to Glasgow when budgets are supposed to be so tight.

  Forum Editor 19:41 30 May 2012

As others have explained, under Scottish law 'detained' is equivalent to 'arrested on suspicion'.

Coulson hasn't been charged with an offence, but perjury is a serious criminal matter, and I imagine the case is complex - nevertheless, 7 officers did seem to me to be a few too many for the work involved. One or two driving, and two escorts might have done the job, but what do I know?

  Aitchbee 19:58 30 May 2012

The Coulson affair will be the 'talk o' the steamie' in Govan...buteman knows what I'm talkin' about.

  Aitchbee 22:15 30 May 2012

Perjury - an offence committed by a witness in judicial proceedings who, have been lawfully sworn, wilfully gives evidence.

Coulson and Tommy Sheriden who went to jail, are the people involved here.

  Quiller. 23:13 30 May 2012

When I got arrested at home 6 plain clothes in 2 cars. Mind you I do have a little bit of form ;-)

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