Nibblerman 01:10 18 Jun 2007

Had a friend of a friend come over to mine tonight with a Business venture that he said was a “cant loose situation”

when he arrived he was all excited & positive a bit to fussy, anyway we was expecting this guy who we didn’t know to sit down & chat to us about this so called business venture but instead went into a full on presentation with a projection screen...:-(

anyway when he left we was stunned as the chat turned into a 2 hour long presentation which we could never of predicted,

we felt that this so called Amway was a bit of a cult or sect..

has anyone had dealings with these as we will NOT be going to go any further with them.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:39 18 Jun 2007

for experimental haemorrhoid surgery than have anything to do with amway.


  Jak_1 01:59 18 Jun 2007

This old cherry again! Don't touch it with a bargepole. Pyramid selling, it was around in the 80's and ruined many families and friendships.

  laurie53 07:48 18 Jun 2007

Never come across it, but thanks for the warning


  wee eddie 07:50 18 Jun 2007

I have a couple of friends involved and they never give up. Every social occasion is an opportunity to do a little business. Mind you they respect an answer of No and don't bother you after that.

I have two observations which may be incorrect.

1. I get the impression that there is a religious dimension to the hierarchy of the company. This may, of course, be only that those I know are like minded. (Christian Fundamentalist)

2. I believe that you are able sell your network if you decide to get out of the trade. Therefor you could buy a Network if you were so inclined.

  Bayden Rank 09:17 18 Jun 2007

I had colleagues that got involved in this way back. They asked if I wanted to make a fortune. I stuck to my engineering job and did quite well whilst they concentrated on Amway (even to holding team meetings on company time)to the detriment to their careers and ended up with little but a basic job when they woke up to the fact that only the main one was making anything approaching a decent payback from the hours put in.

  interzone55 10:17 18 Jun 2007

Like you said, it's not Pyramid Selling, because that's illegal, instead it's described on Amway's website (click here) as "Multi-level Marketing" now I don't know how that differs from Pyramid Selling.

  rodriguez 10:38 18 Jun 2007

I got involved with IBS (no not Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but this would have been more fun) which were part of Amway. It resembles a pyramid scheme (even though technically it isn't)- the only guy who makes any real money is the one at the top who tried to sell you the idea in the first place. Had a few meetings, then just lost contact with them. Kept hold of his poxy CDs and books (he wanted them back) just in case he calls again, which I doubt as it's been 6 months. But as he charged me a fiver to join their little clan, I might sell them on eBay if he doesn't ask for them back. Peter Towey his name was and he had a mate called Barry if this means anything. Also the main people at the top were a woman called Janet and her husband (can't remember their last names). Waste of time - better off with a proper job.

  Mike D 10:39 18 Jun 2007

Let's put it this way; when I worked as a Business Advisor, the Start-up Business arm of the local Business Link would not offer any kind of support (financial or other) to anyone who wanted to be involved in multilevel marketing (Pyramid selling by another name in my view) and the only advice ever given was "Don't"


  HCOOH 12:32 18 Jun 2007

It's all about recruiting other people, selling their products on your own will produce very little. Your new recruits then have to recruit their own recruits and so it goes on, in reality this will not happen and it all collapses. You will have to purchase a starter pack as well at quite a high cost. I once went to a meeting at a Gatwick Airport Hotel as a guest of a recruiter. I made my excuses and left.

  spuds 13:05 18 Jun 2007

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