Amir Khan

  Joe R 09:52 07 Sep 2008

Are the press/media now going to stop all the insane reporting on Amir Khan, after his defeat by a Colombian last night.

The media limelight has been gathering pace recently, and has him down as a triple weight world champion in the future.

Only if he finds he has a talent for a different sport. ( in my honest opinion )

I said in a recent thread, that I thought the first time he faced a decent puncher, he would be knocked out, and was proved right.

So, where does he go from here?

  Stuartli 09:55 07 Sep 2008

>>Only if he finds he has a talent for a different sport.>>

I didn't think he done THAT badly up to this point....:-)

  birdface 10:05 07 Sep 2008

I agree with Stuartli he has done well up till now.I think he has always been open to this sort of punch.And I am sure he has learned a lot from last night.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:10 07 Sep 2008

I have watched all of Khan's bouts (he is from my home town)and have said on many occasions that I thought that his 'managers' choice of opponents was somewhat tame. He is a quick puncher with a talent for self-promotion and is undoubtedly good but......when you and you camp build yourself up so high, the drop is tremendous. Like Murray, Khan is an excellent sportsman but suffers from the Henman complex, put up against real professionals and they tend to wither.
There is a huge chasm from being very, very good to being excellent, something that many of our sports people find difficult to bridge.

  Joe R 10:11 07 Sep 2008

Stuartli and buteman,

I agree he hasn't done badly up to this point, but imho, only because his opponents have been hand picked for him.

His full team, and most of the press were predicting a world title, within a couple of years of him winning his olympic medal in Athens, and he has been on T.V. in only the last couple of days, talking of winning three world titles, at three different weights.

Dream on Amir.!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:40 07 Sep 2008

'There is a huge chasm from being very, very good to being excellent'..make that 'There is a huge chasm from being very, very good to being CONSISTENTLY excellent'.


  birdface 10:41 07 Sep 2008

The Henman complex.I never heard it put like that before but spot on.I think Khan will learn by his mistakes and will finish up with a world crown.He has the ability.He just has to use it.

  version8 10:42 07 Sep 2008

The 1st "Real" person he boxed showed that he lacks that killer punch.
The hype around Khan will hopefully stop, but i doubt it.

Glad i did not pay to watch a 54 second fight last night!!

  spuds 11:08 07 Sep 2008

So, where does he go from here?

Possibly sack all his advisers and staff, and get into reality world, that there are far better and perhaps far more hungry and unknown fighters out there.Showbiz and the hype, plus carefully selected fighters doesn't aways pays dividends in the long term.

It was only a short time ago, when Amir Khan was a discussion topic on this forum. I and I think Joe R predicted Amir Khan's possible future on that thread!.

Now to see if our local 'no airs and graces' European super-bantamweight champion Rendall Munroe (who empties our bins), won his Saturday night title defence fight.

  Stuartli 11:41 07 Sep 2008

>>but imho, only because his opponents have been hand picked for him.>>

But this is standard practice for the majority of professional boxers...:-)

You have to learn the basics of the sport by facing a variety of opponents to gradually gain the necessary skills and know how.

It applies, in fact, to a wide range of sports.

  Stuartli 11:45 07 Sep 2008

It never fails to astound me that the British are so quick to laud and even quicker to damn sporting, business and other individuals who make the limelight and then suffer an occasional setback.

It's only a short time ago, for instance, that Andy Murray was being slated - suddenly all that has been forgotten...:-)

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