America's Got Talent 1940s style

  birdface 10:21 07 May 2010

Lets hope this works as it is really worth watching.

1944 America' Got Talent

  birdface 10:22 07 May 2010

Or this maybe.

click here

  birdface 10:26 07 May 2010

It is The Ross Sisters from 1944.
Just wait till the singing stops.
Spectacular in my opinion.

  STREETWORK 22:21 07 May 2010

were they singing in English?....

  ronalddonald 23:36 07 May 2010

no me thinks american

  zzzz999 06:15 08 May 2010

bloody 'ell, they were flexible

  birdface 10:20 08 May 2010

[bloody 'ell, they were flexible]

It has to be very unusual for any one individual to be able do that but to get 3 Sisters to be able to do it would be highly unusual I would have thought.
But well worth the watching.

  jakimo 12:56 08 May 2010

You too could do that,if you consumed as much chewing gum as they did

  birdface 13:27 08 May 2010

Nice one.
Never thought of that.
I suppose I will need time to chew it over.

It Must have been Wrigley's.

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