AMD what now?

  [email protected] 12:53 06 Jan 2008

two years ago i bought my first pc, i was advised to get amd, so i got one with a 64 3500 which was good. i soon found out intel seemed a lot better, i have since had a 5000 x2, a 5200 x2 (on a vista pc) and now have a 6400 x2 @ 3.5 hz and it's ok but the intel quads seem much better, so i think my next pc would be intel. were amd ever better chips? the guy who advised me is quite long in the tooth and loves amd for some reason.
i refering to click here
looks like it's not even worth trying the phenom.

  martjc 14:11 06 Jan 2008

...if you're doing something that requires four cores [not much software around a.t.m.] you will need four cores.

In my opinion Intel devices are overpriced, need more expensive motherboards and process info in an inferior manner [wasting clock cycles].

Don't just go n quoted speeds, that just counts the cycles. AMD are more efficient processors. Intel's method of comparison is unfair, in this respect.

I'd stay with AMD and ignore what Intel say.

  Earthsea 14:49 06 Jan 2008

'Don't just go n quoted speeds, that just counts the cycles.'

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  [email protected] 15:01 06 Jan 2008

hi, i guess you are correct, when you concider how they compare and the speeds they run at and i have become rather attached to my amd and people on their forums, the only criticism i would have is their stock coolers are a little ineffective and noisy, i suppose this is the same with most pc products they only seem to offer the very bare minimum coolers, (graphics cards etc.) i noticed they didnt include a cooler with my 6400, it doesnt top 44c with my old akasa evo.
also amd customer service, the one time i had to use it, was first class, thanks for the replies guys, i only started the thread to test a new keyboard out!

  DrScott 14:54 07 Jan 2008

AMD were better than intel, because their architecture was essentially much more efficient than NetBurst.

Since intel changed their architecture to Core 2, AMD have been entirely left behind.

There is hope things might swing back the other way. The phenom CPUs are actually better engineered than the Intel Quads, but for the moment run much slower than the Core 2s.

I wouldn't buy AMD now - all benchmarks show you can getter a faster CPU for the same money if you go with intel (especially if you're into overclocking). I think the phenoms and their derivatives may well improve though.

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