Ambassadors of Sport and Entertainment

  spuds 14:33 18 Mar 2007

What are your views about our Ambassadors of Sport and Entertainment.

Nearly everytime you pick up a newspaper or tune in to television nowadays, there are reports of misbehaviour of one sort or another by our so called representatives.Drunkenness, drug taking, fights in nightclubs, the list seems to increase. Yet most of these people receive very large payments for their respected positions, yet appear to be unable to deliver the goods when their country needs them the most.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:48 18 Mar 2007

Personally I would have them horse-whipped for being rubbish and having no competitive spirit/pride and Flintoff would be working his passage home. They are a disgrace like the Rugby and football prima donnas.


  Forum Editor 15:13 18 Mar 2007

I watched the Eurovision song selection the other evening, and witnessed the great British Public pass over a girl singing a delightful ballad in favour of a bunch of nonentities dressed as airline cabin crew, pretending they could sing a rubbish song. She could really sing, they couldn't, so we picked them.

Sometimes we don't deserve ambassadors.

  Brumas 15:26 18 Mar 2007

I agree 100% with you. One thing though, is there such a dearth of home-grown talent that we had to field a french girl - delightful and talented as she is?

  Zero G 15:33 18 Mar 2007

I always thought the idea of Eurovision song contest was to embarrass ourself in front of the rest of Europe, after all LORDI won it for the Swedish last year?

  ulrich 17:07 18 Mar 2007

They will be on their way home shortly. It wouldn't have been so bad if they had something to celebrate. Played cricket all winter and how much better are they?

  laurie53 19:24 18 Mar 2007

This, once again, stems in the final analysis from sponsorship and large amounts of money.

No-one wants to go back to Gentlemen and Players, but I don't think either the Olympics or Rugby Union gained from becoming professional


  crosstrainer 19:36 18 Mar 2007

Totally agree, were it not for the wine, I might have gone down the route of using contacts in the media... but then again it's all media driven anyway.

Think I should change my username to "old fart" or perhaps realist (already in use I know)

  Kate B 21:05 18 Mar 2007

I think it's a bit much to expect young stars to be "ambassadors" - it's not in the job description. Most sports stars and indeed pop/movie/TV stars are very young - of course they're going to spend their money on partying and having fun, and why shouldn't they? I do think cricketers, for example, have a responsibility to their team to be in a fit state to play and not let their team-mates down, but I'd think that of a Saturday five-a-side team of middle-aged dads, too.

  dwaynedibbly 21:23 18 Mar 2007

People might forgive Freddie for his antics, if England were an all conquering and top of the game team.
However the truth of the matter is that since the famous Ashes win, the England team, and Freddie in particular have done nothing to even trouble the World rankings of cricket.
He should be sent back home in disgrace. Let someone who actually cares about, and takes pride in pulling on an England shirt take his place.
As for Eurovision. (how does Eurovision and cricket get in the same forum??)
An episode of drunken mayhem etc, may liven up a sad excuse for entertainment.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:47 18 Mar 2007

They are playing for this country not their county sides and in my book when you do that you are representing your country. If the 'young' players do not like this they have the opportunity to naff off elsewhere and lark about whilst playing limp-wristedly.


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