Amazing Wall mural

  anchor 14:40 01 Aug 2007

Whilst in France recently I visited the town of Montelimar, which is said to be the "home" of Nougat.

I saw a large wall mural that was truly amazing; painted on a flat wall it appeared to be in 3D.

Have a look at the photo I took of it:

click here

  Earthsea 15:51 01 Aug 2007

Very clever, and requires an awful lot of skill, especially on such a large surface. I used to like nougat bars but haven't had one for years.

Incidentally, textures in computer games and the like are done in a similar way to give a 3D effect, although this is probably common knowledge!

  John B 21:46 01 Aug 2007
  John B 21:47 01 Aug 2007
  4gig 21:54 01 Aug 2007

John B, yes Julian B is a very talented artist.

  postie252 22:38 01 Aug 2007

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