Amazing Blind Pianist

  Pesala 19:53 27 May 2009

Brain damaged, cannot read braille, let alone music, but he can play any piece he has heard.

click here

  james55 23:17 27 May 2009

Quite amazing Pesala the human brain can be complexed even when damaged.

  Rigga 23:42 27 May 2009

Part 1 of a documentary about him. on UTube > click here <

The other 4 parts are also on UTube.


  Forum Editor 00:08 28 May 2009

is certainly the word for him. This kind of thing starts you wondering just what the human brain is capable of.

  Pesala 04:48 28 May 2009

I watched the whole documentary.

  jack 10:35 28 May 2009

One has a son- Autism not withstanding - managed a doctorate - worked for the Beeb and is now seen regularly in the CGI credits of many major films.
The other a grandson - recently diagnosed - but as bright as button - but cant get his little ginger head round writing.

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