Am On Long-term I.B.Why Do I Get A £10 'Bonus'?

  Big L 266 09:33 06 Dec 2010


I'm on long-term Incapacity Benefit and am puzzled by something I've found in my bank account.

Every year I get a £10 Christmas 'bonus' and I've no idea why.Whilst its a welcome addition to my income,it just seems strange to find this £10 in my bank account.

Of course it'll be put to good use like my heating bill.But I can't help wonder why I get it every year.

I wonder how much this has cost the Treasury in 2010 and, more importantly, why has it been paid to us in the first place?


Big L 266

  peter99co 09:57 06 Dec 2010

Same if you receive DLA.

  lotvic 11:53 06 Dec 2010

£10 Christmas bonus
To get a Christmas Bonus you must be a resident in the UK, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, Gibraltar, any EEA country, or Switzerland click here

EEA = European Economic Area click here|countryGB&cr=countryUK|countryGB&sa=X&ei=Uc78TJm5OcaChQe83vHMBg&ved=0CA8QpwU

I never knew that it was so widespread, seems it's not just for UK.

  lotvic 11:56 06 Dec 2010

EEA google search link didn't come out right, however it seems to work anyway by just clicking on the 'click here' and ignoring the rest.

  Nontek 18:29 07 Dec 2010

No such thing nowadays, at least not for newly disabled - DLA is now known as Attendance Allowance and is payable even if one has no person in 'attendance'. Getting it does depend on individual circumstances.

I know, cos I gets it :-))

  lotvic 18:53 07 Dec 2010

Disability Living Allowance is for if you are under 65 when you claim. If you are aged 65 or over when you claim, you may be able to get Attendance Allowance.
Attendance Allowance is a tax-free benefit for people aged 65 or over who need someone to help look after them.

  Nontek 19:27 07 Dec 2010

who need someone to help look after them....

Not quite exact, it is payable even without someone looking after one. It does depend on individual circumstances.

  peter99co 19:40 07 Dec 2010

If you get DLA before 65 you continue on it after 65.

  Nontek 19:51 07 Dec 2010

Yep, that's a fact. Unfortunately I was already 65 when I had a stroke - just missed out!

  Clapton is God 14:13 08 Dec 2010

I'm long-term employed and haven't received any 'bonus' this year.

Funny world we live in

  lotvic 14:29 08 Dec 2010

It is exact, 'who need someone' whether you have got someone or not is immaterial.

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