Am I too Honest?

  Confab 15:24 05 Apr 2006

Yesterday I ordered a BT Voyager 240 Router from my isp at a cost of £39.99 as my trusty old Speedtouch USB won’t be able to cope with 8MB broadband. Just as I was about to leave for work this morning a Parcelforce courier knocked on my door with a package for me. I had a quick glance at it as it was only covered in clear plastic and I saw the letters BT and a sticker on the top with my name and address on it. I signed for it, put it on the dining room table and left for work. About 10 minutes later my wife phoned and asked me why I had ordered BT Zenith Flip SMS Digital Cordless Phone. This came as a bit of a shock as I hadn’t so I asked her to open the box and inside was a BT Zenith. A very nice phone I might add which retails at about £90.00, but it won’t get me very far if I want to surf the net at 8MB. I’ve phoned my isp and they are looking into it for me (they don’t even sell phones) so the problem should be sorted out in a few days.

Anyway I mentioned what has happened to a few people and nearly all of them said the same thing – “You should have kept quiet and sold it on e-bay” I think this would be dishonest and something that I just couldn’t do. So if a parcel turned up at your door, which wasn’t what you had ordered but was almost twice the price, would you consider keeping it?


  wolfie3000 15:42 05 Apr 2006

I think you did the right thing there,

  beeuuem 16:11 05 Apr 2006

Never, although sometimes I do wonder if honesty is the best policy, seeing how the dishonest seem to prosper.

But I suppose they don't have a conscience to bother them.

  rmcqua 17:00 05 Apr 2006

Those who suggested you should have kept it are the same kind of people who would be first to shout "dishonesty" if they were the sender and the recipient claimed non-receipt.

  ade.h 17:22 05 Apr 2006

You did do the right thing, morally and legally. Good on you, too, I say.

As for the dishonest prospering; they do seem to sometimes at least, but I hope that their comeback is waiting around the corner somewhere. It's called Karma!

  Totally-braindead 18:15 05 Apr 2006

Look at it this way, if you hadn't done the right thing and had sold it on Ebay, how would you feel if a in a couple of weeks time a bill appears for the item? Its better to be honest.

  wiz-king 18:23 05 Apr 2006

This problem is often caused by a order being taken and the taker getting the postcode wrong. The goods the get delivered to house number xx in that postcode area. You cant expect postie to know all of his customers names, and they may have ordered it for a friend.
Don't worry if it is a wrong postcode you will get a bill 'cos the postcode will be wrong on that too.
You did the right thing anyway.

  Totally-braindead 18:24 05 Apr 2006

I've just remembered something that appeared in one of the Forums a year or two ago. A guy had ordered a rather expensive computer item, perhaps £300 worth. Can't remember exactly what it was but they sent two in error, he thought his luck was in and sold the second item. All was well until he got his credit card bill.

You've guessed it they billed him twice, once for each item. By this time he had already sold on one of the items and he ended up a couple of hundred quid out of pocket. It was at this point he posted on the Forum with his tale of woe seeking advice.
There was no help anyone could give him really as he'd got two items and paid for two items and he was unable to send one back as he'd sold it on. A mistake had been made most definately by the company but then he'd made a mistake by not informing them of what had happened and selling the item instead.

  ade.h 18:34 05 Apr 2006

And what's more, if he hadn't been charged and the company noticed its error, it would have been within its rights to ask for (possibly demand, Im not sure) the return of the item or payment for it.

The other day, a courier called at my house, he had the right address but the wrong name. I declined the parcel and he went on his way. Honesty is usually the best policy.

  Confab 12:05 06 Apr 2006

This morning at 8.30 a Parcelforce courier turned up with another package, this time a big brown envelope. I signed for it and opened the parcel. Inside was the Voyager 240 modem that I had ordered and another bag to enable me to return the flip phone. I put the phone in the bag, sealed it and put the return sticker on the front. My wife has taken it to the post office for me.

You know what? Today, for some reason, I feel really good. Honesty IS the best policy and it’s nice to know that other forum members feel the same :-)


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