Am I the only one who doesn't understand this?

  Forum Editor 08:35 15 Jan 2011

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Once again we have a strike on sections of the London Underground. It has been called by the RMT(yes, it's cuddly Bob Crowe's union)because it claims two men were sacked by London Underground for being 'activists'.

LU management claims that one of the men breached safety rules, and the other one abused colleagues.

I must be missing something, because I thought that Tribunals were specifically set up so that employees could take such cases to them - the tribunal decides if the dismissal was unjustified, thus avoiding the need for 192 men to be called out on strike.

Of the 192 union members involved 38 voted for strike action, but because only 80 of them bothered to vote at all there is apparently a sufficient number in favour to justify putting thousands of Londoners through yet another 24 hours of travel disruption.

That doesn't seem to bother Bob Crowe one iota - he's too busy foaming at the mouth over what he calls London Underground's "harassing our members and activists on trumped-up charges".

Surely it would make sense to let an employment tribunal decide whether the charges were trumped up or not?

  Kevscar1 09:18 15 Jan 2011

Sorry FE
Union Boss and Make Sense just don't go together.

  jack O'lantern 09:33 15 Jan 2011

You have good compamy - the Tube drivers themselves do not comprehend what is happening, seemingly.

If the career of B C from a loudmouth in tattered jeans to his current sartorial elegance whilst bad mouthing all and sundry with barely compressible rhetoric, it occurs to the rest of us that all BC is interested in is his own power and glory and in some way a minority of his 'flock' believe it.

As for the rest they would sooner lose a days pay than run the gauntlet of ignoring him.
The majority should come together to rid themselves of this wrecker in their midst.
It is their future well being this man is killing
never mind the inconvenienced and frustrsated people they purport to serve.

  sunnystaines 09:42 15 Jan 2011

why don't the unions vote in decent people, how do these trouble makers get voted in,as the majority of members must be normal people.

  Quickbeam 09:42 15 Jan 2011

as they say.

It's been nearly 30 years since Scargill & Co caused us great industrial anguish, so we haven't done too badly if it's taken this long for another wannabe Emperor to swan around in their new clothes.

  birdface 09:55 15 Jan 2011

Not got a clue about the rules of strike action.
But 80 voted and only 38 voted for a strike.
So I take it 42 voted not to strike.
I thought that as the overall majority of voters voted against there should be no strike.
Obviously the 2 that were sacked were not that popular with their fellow workers.

  Forum Editor 10:25 15 Jan 2011

there's going to be another strike next week - this time a 48 hour one, starting on Thursday.

It will involve the Docklands Light Railway, and is being called because - according to Bob Crowe the line operators have failed to consult him over redundancies, new pension arrangements and the dismissal of two of its members.

The train operators (Serco Docklands) say that Cuddly Bob has called the strike without bothering to do what sensible people would assume was the first step in a dispute - hold talks to discuss the matters.

  john 52 10:36 15 Jan 2011

The trouble is you get bad union bosses and bad employers who will try to use a situation to there advantage .

Unfortunately the moderates among the unions members are less vocal and what is not understood by many union members is that the actions by these more militant leaders cause more harm than good to the trade union movement .

Myself I think any disputes should be referred to ACAS and each party should be bound by the decision

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:36 15 Jan 2011

I'm very much in favour of workers having union representation and was a member of the GMB whilst in my last job, though unfortunately not enough others were. People like Crowe, however, do the movement no favours at all.

  timsmith259 11:07 15 Jan 2011

ask yourself this question why is it when the Torys are in power there are always strikes........and know there have been strikes when labour has been in power but why is that there are very disruptive strikes under the Torys

  Quickbeam 11:10 15 Jan 2011

The obvious answer being that the unions sponsor some MPs, and the old saying that cutting ones nose off to spite ones face springs to mind...

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